Saturday, April 25, 2015

Animal Crackers - Love that Face!

Howdy -

Hasn't been the prettiest sunny days for snapping photos here - All though they say this weekend is suppose to be really pretty.  Hope the sun does come out and a few puddles dry up before it rains again.

I promised a photo last week of Autie - now this doesn't show his cute hair cut at all. I tried and triend to snap a decent photo. Thank goodness for digital! After 30-40 photographs I gave up. But then when looking through them on the computer... I feel in love with my puppy face!

When I was cutting him it felt like I took a ton off - but now after a week I should have taken more off his neck and head. Love my boy.

Another boy we love... Black Jack. "Dad" mowed his pen this last week. He has had his head down and been enjoying that he can get down to the new growth. Anything to make our old man happy.

We did some spring cleaning in the chicken coop. The girls hate change and disturbances. But after it is all done they settle down and are happy.

My older chickens haven't been laying many eggs yet this season. Wondering.. they are only two years old. Thinking maybe it is due to all the rain and clouds.

Oh well they are still my girls :0) Whether we get eggs from everyone or not.

Been watching my four goats that are or should be pregnant. Rhett is really getting wide and starting getting her milk bag. As is her sister Scarlett.. not as big - but still showing.  And she loves to talk about it...

The one I have been really watching is Crissy. This is her first time to be bred. She isn't showing hardly at all if any. First time mommas really do stress me. Usually they only have one maybe two babies.

 Pretty girl... really hoping for some babies. Should be coming soon... can't wait to have more kids to play with!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather!
HUGS and -


Linda w said...

I am sure you have said this before but what is the gestation time for your goat mamas? Can't wait...

Carol Dee said...

It is amazing how much rain you have had. Kind of dry here. It has rained for 2 days and only 1/2 inch ?!?! Autie is as handsome as ever. The goats and chickens all look happy and healthy.