Saturday, July 18, 2015

Animal Crackers - All Smiles!

Howdy -

Other than heat not much going on around here this past week. Did take a deposit on two donkeys... but we still have them for a month to enjoy and love on... will give more info on them later on.

Darlene wanted to make sure and let you all know that Raffie is not the only one with a pretty Smile-

 She may be the old lady of the group but she can still rock a big smile for you! And not bad pearly whites for nearly 25 years old either! Ok... so they aren't pearly white... more yellowish green grass color. But still rocking the smile! Love this old girl so much.

Two other old ladies of the group Macie and Jazz were just starved for attention. So mistreated...  Ha!

Such beautiful ladies. Both a little on the heavy side right now from pigging out on all the grass. But still beautiful! And full of personality too.

With the temps getting so high around here salt blocks are a must. Most of the time they share the time at the block. Here "Dad" had just thrown this one over and was going into the pen to carry it into their shed. These thing weigh a ton... Well one of the blocks had numerous donkeys around it... but Patti... she prefers to not share. Crunching down, Licking and then spinning and kicking anyone that came near. Not until she is done girls... then you can have a turn here... but not until she is done!

Miss Juliet was tail end Charlie coming for a turn at the new salt blocks.

Still skinny... despite that all her BFF's in the pen are a mile wide with grass bellies. This girl puts it all into her legs. I swear sometimes she is still growing! LOL Probably just the fact that she is standard among all the Mini ladies. She loves this group and I don't think we will or can ever move her out with the other standards.  

Oh.. and she sends off a BIG "Hi Matt! Miss you!!"  She lives here but her heart belongs to Marine Matt!  :0)

Found baby goats Louise and Spartacus playing in one of the huts. Spartacus was butting heads with Louise to keep her out of "his" hut. I called out and they both stopped for a pose. Hard to believe that Louise is over two weeks older and soooo much smaller than Spartacus... Dude needs to be weaned and put in with the boys and I know I have told you guys that before but I am such a sucker and despite his size he is still a baby! Need to get that word Sucker stamped into my forehead one day!

Now this photo of Gato cracks me up! My kind of girl -

 She enjoys her sun bathing inside in the air conditioning! Ok.. so she has no choice cuz' I am not letting her outside to become playtime or dinner for anything. She lives inside only. But given the choice I would go with the "Cat-Nap" INSIDE with air conditioning in a sunny window as well. Pretty kitty...

Got lots of great shots this week... will share more next week with you. I do hope that you have beautiful weather where you are and have furry kid to love on. There is nothing better than loving on a loving "pet"... Donkey - Goat - Chicken - Cat - Dog.. whatever!

Have a blessed weekend - HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your furry and feathered kids. They all look content. Especially Gato! Such a pretty cat. (I do love calicos.)

Niki said...

Those kids are just too cute! Personality oozes from the photo.