Saturday, July 25, 2015

Animal Crackers - I < Heart > my animals!

Howdy -

More shots from last weeks photo session. They were all in such good moods and enjoying the attention and posing for me.

Love this shot of Gabby and Patti... simple little sniff of each other to say hi... but love it!

 Kind of looks like a heart don't you think? Maybe I am just looking to much, cuz I love these guys so much!  LOL The girls are all such good friends and I can say this was a friendly hi... but it may have been a check to see if one of them had eaten something better than the other.

 Ellie Mae was just lounging after a good roll in the dirt.

 They are all so gorgeous right now! All shiny and slicked off.

Jolene is really showing off her colors isn't she?

That face is just stunning! That velvet black nose is so beautiful. She has given us some fabulous babies in the past and shares her color with her kids.

Now just don't know what to say about Miss Vicki... My high dollar with the long list of family awards and coloring. She was always a little princess. Hated being wet, Hated being dirty... and now...

 Oh my she is normally so bright white with her black and dark brown spots. She looks as if she has been rolling in the dirt with Ellie Mae and was really stirring up the dirt! That face is suppose to be sparkling white with her green eyes and pink nose showing off. Now it seems she has put aside her royalty and joined the common and enjoying a bit of good old fashion dirt! LOL oh well still beautiful to me.

Speaking of beautiful and hate getting dirty. Miss Libbie is loving her first hair cut she got last month.

Gives her that puppy look and she is already growing her fur back in but she thinks she is still a super model and loving her cut.

Now Thelma... she is just a mess.

 This gal has personality to the highest and is always into something. Here she was enjoying her breakfast and wearing it as well. I figure one of the adult ladies dropped a bite over the top of her as she loves to wiggle in and eat under and next to the ladies. Growing up so fast. Already getting in her little knot head.

Hope you enjoyed this week - So rare to snap so many good poses so I have to keep snapping when they are in the mood. Animals are really tough to get to follow photo instructions for sure!

Have a blessed weekend! Enjoy family friends and a furry kid!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

More great animal photos. Keep them coming. Everyone looks so HAPPY.