Saturday, July 4, 2015

Animal Crackers - Haircuts all Around!

Howdy -

Well finally yesterday morning we had time to do some haircuts! Now normally we only shear Autie. His hair is so thick and so long we do it at least twice a year sometimes three times, just too hot and humid here for him. But while doing Autie we decided that both Libbie and Chica could use some shearing and do them as well. Now Autie is normally great - no problems other than when he gets lazy and decides to be a chunk of lead and lay over. Well yesterday he was just wiggling and not cooperating at all. He wasn't bad... just squirmy. And that  really did not give him a good haircut at all. As I told Hubby good thing we didn't pay for his "grooming"  cuz I would demand our money back for sure! LOL Hopefully we will get him smoothed out in a day or so when his mood changes.

 Hacked Haircut but still adorable!

Then we decided to get tough and do Chica. This girl is not easy to work with when trying to do anything. Baths, clipping toe nails, brushing. She is trouble! Uh.. hello? Don't know what dog we were working on but she was an angel! Sat and stood when we needed and didn't wiggle at all! So then we figured Libbie was going to make up for it. But the girl was fabulous too!! Well except when she fell asleep and I wasn't watching and she fell over... :0)

She ended up looking adorable! Love how they look like puppies after a haircut! She may be my old lady... but she looks like a young pup!

Chica just wouldn't sit for a photo... all that being still has the girl with lots of energy late in the day.

Went to see my boys yesterday while Hubby was washing and filling their water buckets yesterday evening. Sergio was way out in his pen with all the guys. They all started heading right for us! So sweet how they love us and want a kiss and some lovin'... 

Uh Serg...

He decided that a good dirt bath was needed before he came to me. Man it must have really felt good he was scratching his back and flipping that tail big time! Then he got up and came for his hug. Of course now covered in dirt... but I still gave in to him. Love my orphan baby boy and a little dirt won't stop me from a hug from him!

Walking back from the guys I stopped to talk to Doc and Wyatt. Ok.. still not happy that I have parted them from one their Mom, Chloe. But two, from all the girls. Teenage boys ya know... LOL

 Don't worry Doc... with those looks I won't be waiting too long before you get your own girlfriends! Stunning!!! And sweet too.

Then I found Thelma... man she can stretch that little neck!

She gets more long grass outside the pen than any of the other little goats. That neck is like a giraffe! Enjoy sweetheart... little longer and those horns will be bigger and those little 4x4 holes in the pen will no longer be a door to more green grass.

I hope that all in the US enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July holiday with friends and loved ones -

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

Sweet photos again today. I would NEVER get anything done. I would always be out with the critters.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for another great Saturday morning. I look forward to your posts and it's a tradition here... make my coffee and come sit at the computer and see what is happening over at Animal Crackers. Such a good start to the day so thank you for sharing your buddies with us.

BethW said...

Happy 4th of July to all of you. Loved all the pics-it was a very good week.

Helen said...

what a sweet photos again. Love the haircuts :-)
All furry friends look adorable. Big hug to all of them.