Saturday, November 7, 2015

Animal Crackers - Bad Peso

Howdy -

This week I went out and snapped some great photos of calm resting animals. They were enjoying the cooler weather (low 80's high 70's) and a nice breeze after a front. But one of my furry children was not calm or relaxing....

Bad Bad Bad Peso! Now his "women" were removed from his pen a couple weeks ago. And now he is back to his old Bachelor ways. Showing off his testosterone  manly ways. I mean don't you think wow that is such a smart hunky guy when you see a a man slamming his head against steel? Be still my heart... 

It is a good thing he gives me such pretty babies... LOL 


Not a rocket scientist... but for sure a looker! 

And here is his damage.  Bad Bad Bad Peso!! These things are not cheap to replace!

Second panel he has destroyed this year.

Nice calm men... 

Chachi and Hank are best buds. They are usually always together. Rare for two male goats. But they have known each other and been together all their life. Now how they are both napping on that narrow bench.. I have no clue...

 Now I showed you a week or so ago Paintbrush and her daughter Olive enjoying the weather on the spool table. This week I found another of Paintbrush's daughters Rhett enjoying the top of the spool table with her daughters Louise and Thelma.

Good thing Rhett and the girls are a bit smaller than Paint and Olive.... that table is not that big. LOL but it seems to be a great place to nap in nice weather.

In the cat hut we found Momma and Scaredy Cat enjoying another bench.

These two have gotten a bit friendlier but still bolt for cover if you move too fast. Nice to see that they are sort of starting to trust us. But they were not totally happy with me when they realized I did not have can food for them on this trip. They got it later though don't worry... LOL

I do thank you all for the positive thoughts and prayers for Miss Libbie.

 She is doing ok. Still bumping into things. But she is getting around and walking better. Hoping she stays leveled out and doesn't get any worse. I love this little girl so much it just kills me to think she is hurting at all. So far just not seeing well in dark places and shadows. Her pupils are always large like this and those cloudy areas seem to get smaller and larger.

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and have something fun planned with friends family or furry children.

 Estate sale this morning then lunch with friends. Then I am thinking an afternoon of coloring :0)

HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Love the photos of the furry children, as always! Bad, bad Peso is right! Your day sounds like fun. Especially the sale and the coloring parts.... :)

Susan Parr said...
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Susan Parr said...

I need to send some pictures of Peters pen!! Like you said "good thing he gives such beautiful babies"". Gotta love those head banging boys tho. I know I do.

Ellie Maggie said...

Oh.My.Life. I cannot believe what I am seeing! Peso's hormones are running wild!! Loving the goats and cats cuddling up together.Let's hope this is as bad as it gets for Miss Libbie, she's so sweet and doesn't deserve these problems. We have 15C degrees in November here in UK, maybe we'll pay for it later on in Winter! Hope your estate sale went well xx

Carolina F. said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely animals on those photos Michelle!
Blessing Carolina F.