Saturday, November 14, 2015

Animal Crackers - Mowing down

Howdy -

This week the weather has cooled off and things have been pretty green around here from the rain a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is loving the new green! Raffie is helping with a little "MOWING" around his pen. Hubby put up some temp panels and let Raffie out to eat some of that growing green stuff.

 It has been years since I remember so much green growing so late in the year. NO complaining here.

Black Jack has been loving all the green as well.... and doesn't he look just so so so handsome in all those wild flowers.. or weeds. He is such a stunning man.

Getting up there in the years. And getting a bit of gray on his face, but still a handsome stud! And this weekend is THE WEEKEND! Hubby has said that if it doesn't rain he is going lead in a few guest for Black Jack to host in his bachelor pen for a little while! YEP the dude is getting some girlfriends so we can have some babies next year!

I think he knows we have been talking about this subject... LOL Raffie might just get a couple of friends too. We just want to do a little work on his pen first.

Snapped a photo at a sweet calm feeding in the goat pen last night..

More like a brawl at a dress clearance sale! LOL

Gracie looked over at me with a panic look... and screamed out -

I think she was worried she wasn't going to get enough to herself. But no worries. Hubby made sure she got another bowl in her area to split the group up... actually we end up with 5 bowls. But that first bowl is a feeding frenzy!

Speaking of feeding frenzy... had some stale bread for the chickens yesterday. Glad I could throw this around and not get too close.

 Those pieces of bread were moving around everywhere and didn't last but  a minute or two at most.

Glad I snapped this photo before the bread went in. Are Leon and Elenore a good looking couple?

 Still no eggs from Elenore. I am at a loss of why. She stopped for her moulting season and nothing from her since. Just don't know... But she is a looker! As is dapper Leon.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend  - chilly and chance of rain here but a nice quiet around the house weekend. Liking that... seems like we have been moving at the speed of light lately. Looking forward to a slow calm few days...

HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

I love the butts at the feeding trough !!! LOL Looks like kids turning loose on a candy buffet! Leon and Eleanor are stunning. I hope she starts laying again soon. It sure is pretty there. We are still acting and looking like early autumn a few COLD morning but nice days. I can wait for the real cold and snow for a long time yet . (At least I hope.)

PaperSunshine said...

How exciting some new babies in your future! That is fun for us too watching them grow as you share pictures. I dont know anything about chickens but I wish you luck with Eleanor 😃 I thought as long as there was a rooster around chickens would lay eggs! What do I know lol! Your goats obviously never get fed, looks like they are starving, ha ha! Love it! Love your stories, blessings to you.

Lori K.