Saturday, November 21, 2015

Animal Crackers - New bigger homes

Howdy -

Gorgeous week weather wise here this week. The animals were loving it. Now today things are going to change drastically. We had some movement around the pens this week- I think the goats were the most stressful, and also funny... LOL 5 times Hubby had to make trips with each goat about 250 feet and each time it was LOUD and insane!

Took us a while to convert one of the old Donkey pens for the "Men" Goats. Had to wrap the entire pen with fencing so they couldn't get out. Then "we" had to move them.. we meaning Hubby had to move them. And that was not an easy task. They scream like you are killing them and buck and kick until they are moved then they look at you like wow this was worth the move. LOL they have loved the huge big pen and have been mowing down the weeds and grass 24/7 since they moved in. When we get a chance this next week after the holiday Hubby wants to build them some climbing huts.

Chachi looks like he has eaten too much  and was resting his head on Franks back.

Now since they adult men goats have been moved that freed up their pen to move the young guys into and away from bad Peso that was destroying the panels trying to show who was boss. So now the young men are in a bigger pen and feel like they are all grown up.

I am sure you get tired of seeing Doc.. but oh my I just can't stand how cute he is! He has so much personality too... But seriously how can you not have personality and get away with that hairdoo?

Love him! LOL 

Found Felipe trying really hard to get my attention for a photo... now that is personality too...

This guy can really be "Man" and get roudy... but down deep he is a love and just wants the top of his nose kissed and some rubbing behind those long ears. Those big brown eyes melt your heart don't they? Sweet guy...

Sweet... Fraidy cat is getting sweeter and sweeter. Was always like a bolt of lightning to hide when he saw anyone coming but now I think he loves for me to snap closeups of that handsome face. All though he may have been trying to tell me to bring out some of that canned food he loves so much... LOL 

He is a looker isn't he?

And little more sweet for you... Miss Moxie.

I have told you all how I have been spoiling her since her sister Nally died earlier in the year. She went through such a depressing time. Wouldn't eat dry dog food. Then after some time decided she didn't want canned either. So I went to other things.. hot dogs, all beef healthier hot dogs of course. Then would make extras at dinner... grilled chicken, or whatever we were having that was safe for her. The girl loves those white boxes that come when we go out to dinner. Found myself choosing meals out for what the leftovers would be good for Miss Moxie... YES I have been spoiling her. Now she is in a hamburger mood... and oh she loves scrambled eggs... well looking at her photo last night I realized... Miss Moxie has been putting on some weight! ... will have to start really watching and not let her keep putting on weight! LOL Love this gal!

OH and thought I would show you a little present Hubby brought me yesterday - He found it in a local antique shop and thought I might like it! I LOVE IT!

 Isn't he fabulous??? He is a very old carved rooster... missing his feet yes, but still fabulous!! Trying to find a great place to put him up on my kitchen shelves... Hope I find a safe but perfect spot.

Now hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Me... cleaning getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. Can't put it off any longer. Then next week there will be lots of cooking. Hubby told someone the other day I would be making 28 pies. I have no clue where he got that number as there will not be that many... there will be a lot... but not that many! LOL

HUGS and -


soaringeagle said...

Just wanted to say, Doc is so (I want to say beautiful, but since he is a boy) handsome. Love his coloring and of course his sweet mop of hair.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Carol Dee said...

I LOVE Doc's hairdo! HE sports it well. ;)
Fraidy cat is handsome, so glad he doesn't run away all the time now.
That is one cool antique rooster. Sweet guy you got there.
28 pies! I am stopping at 3. Well better get of the computer and start o tackle the mess here. 16 for Thanksgiving.