Saturday, November 28, 2015

Animal Crackers - Drizzle Dreary Day

Howdy -

Maybe it was the day after holiday blahs.. maybe just the weather. But most all the animals yesterday were just lazy and not out in the mood for posing. Thursday we had a crowd here for Thanksgiving so pretty much everyone had lots of attention. Loving, ear scratches and a few chases from the two little ones here having fun with the young goats. Was so fun to watch and see the year old giggle with delight playing with the goats. And yes... I forgot to take photograph during it all!

So yesterday in the dreary drizzle day I went out to see who was out to snap some photographs -

Rhett and her little girl Louise were under cover and didn't show any signs of coming out. Louise wanted to chat and make sure that I had no treats for them. Would have to have been something really good cuz that wet rain might have melted them .

Vera said NO WAY... no treats were worth the chance of the toxin water falling from the sky!

Olive Oyl came partially out of the hut, then backed herself right back in. Calm dry spaces are so much nicer today...

Not sure Frank even had a clue I was outside. He was in one of his half awake - half in a coma moods. 

Couldn't even get him to glance my way... LOL Funny man.

Donkeys were for the most part all way off in their pens far under the trees just watching things around them. Rain doesn't usually bother them too much, but as I said all the activity Thursday and then the front approaching that made the wind come in and turn much colder it was just nice to be still and calm in the protected peaceful surroundings.

Now Miguel Rico and Fancy Pants were safe under their shed, but it seems that Miguel and Rico were making sure that all the grass was mowed down in all the dry spots covered by the roof.  Wouldn't want your front lawn to look to long and messy now would you?

 Now inside the house full of people for Thanksgiving Autie was soaking up 95 percent of the attention. Bouncing from one person to the next get scratches rubs and all the attention he could handle. Libbie was slowing moving from the calmer people and getting her 4 1/2 percent of the attention as she felt good about things.

Then Little Miss Chica.....

 She is such a timid little thing when "strangers" are around. Carrying her "baby" and whining and making sure no one can get close enough to even try to touch her. Then late in the afternoon she found someone calm sitting in a safe protected area and made her way over, relaxed and got lots of belly rubs and scratches. Her 1/2 percent of the attention was so nice. Now once someone noticed that Chica had calmed down and went over she freaked out and decided to scramble to safety. Little girl is such a love have no clue why she is so shy... she didn't get that from her Dad Autie for sure!

Hope you got  a smile again this week.... Hope the weather is nicer where you are... and hope you have something furry to cuddle!

HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

I agree with the critters, company is fun, then it gets exhausting. ;) We had 16 for lunch Thursday. Between MIL, Sister and son's new girlfriend (and paper plates!) Cleanup was quick.
It was a rainy day here, too. We got 2 inches. (So how does 2 inches equal 6 inches in the basement? ) Stay warm and dry and I will stop to visit again next week.

Ellie Maggie said...

Sensible goats staying under cover, it's raining steady in our part of UK today, dark and miserable out there! Frank's face is fabulous, not impressed at all! What sweet dogs you have, adorable x