Saturday, May 7, 2016

Animal Crackers - Battle of the Box

Howdy -

This week we have a little battle of the box...

Hubby drinks lots of these Topo Chico waters. So we buy by the case. Well earlier in the week Gato found one of the boxes was a fabulous bed. I wasn't thrilled with the plastic and her being inside of it, but was a great photograph. So before I removed the plastic and the rest of the bottles I had to snap a photo. She has lived in this box all week.

Until Libbie found it...

Now Libbie has a bed in the back of the house and in the bedroom. But for some reason the box that Gato claimed seemed to be better. So Libbie has now also napping in the box whenever she can. But when she gets up for any reason...

Yep War of the Box... Gato will claim it again and sit in the box to make sure her original claim is controlled. Libbie was not happy here. A new case came in yesterday, I at first thought well they will both have a box now. But I am betting they still are going to argue about that first box?

We did have some worry this last week. Old Frankie has been really acting "off" and we at first thought oh no his age is getting to him and are we looking at loosing our old buddy? He wouldn't eat, wouldn't move around much and wasn't his normal friendly self and come see us when we would call him. Just not Frankie at all!! We soon found out that the one horn he had that was growing down in front of his one eye .... well he had evidently got it hooked on something and it was knocked loose and was hanging further in his eye and was painful. We put together a plan to catch and hold him and "help" the horn loose. But before we got help to do that, he knocked it completely off. I was so thankful, because having to tie him up and hold him down while "helping" him would have been stressful for him (and me) and may have caused issues with his friendliness. But no worries, he took care of things and horn is gone!

He has been back at his old self and actually acting a bit younger at heart and happier! Still the old man but feeling much better and younger for sure! Still such a handsome man!

Now while I was talking to Frankie and snapping photos of him I was photo bombed and got a big scare when Annie popped into my lens!

 She is so funny... yes I had to clean my lens.. she "snorted" on it. LOL Funny girl!

Was a bit jealous of many of the goats yesterday afternoon. I was battling a horrible headache and just wanted to take a nap. The weather was gorgeous and beautiful. Sandy was really enjoying her afternoon nap.

Tried to call out to her and get her to open her eyes and sit up, but I barely got a few ear twitches of interest in getting her photo taken. That nap was just too nice!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - and for those in the U.S. enjoy Mother's Day -
HUGS and-


soaringeagle said...

I always think it is so funny when everybody wants the same box no matter how many others there are. Gato is such a pretty girl. Enjoy your weekend.

okienurse said...

I have 3 cats and when there is a box available there is a battle. Like Soaringeagles matter how many are available there is only one that is prime territory. Poor Frankie I bet that was a big worry to him! Glad he got it off. Vickie

BethW said...

We have box battles here too-and like yours everyone has their own bed. Too funny. So glad Frankie is back to his old stuff. Thank you as always for bringing joy into my life.

Carol Dee said...

Ahhhh Frankie does look happier with that nasty curled horn gone. He sure looks good. Even smiling for the camera.