Saturday, May 14, 2016

Animal Crackers - It's heating up

Howdy -

Hope the weather is nice where you are. Here it has been really pretty. But the heat and humidity is really moving in! We have moved the little chicks out into their pen, and they are getting use to the running room, sun, heat and well... bugs. They are really LOVING the catching bugs! LOL They are always in action and in hunting mode. I did catch Spot resting on their pole.

 The pole is a favorite place to hang out in the afternoon, it is in the shade and up high enough to get a little breeze. I cannot even tell you how much we have been loving these four little chicks. We love our other chickens but honestly they aren't the most attentive friendly pets. These four... so friendly! You go into the pen and they all four just run at you and want you to pick them up and well... pet them. I have caught Hubby in there more than once this past week chatting with them. LOL

Tried to get a photo of Frizzle for you... was in serious hunt mode, a fly was buzzing around.

Head was always in movement. So funny to watch, but not great for clear photos!

Found Raffie off in the end of his pen watching the girl donkey's way off in the distance. He is so handsome... I really want to get a couple of girls in with him to have babies next year and the past few weeks with the storm damage and such we just haven't gotten to it. 

If we don't get things caught up soon we will have to wait for fall as it will be too hot for sure.

It has gotten so warm here now all the animals are shedding their undercoats. Most all the goats are pretty slick year round, but a few really get some thick winter fur going. Wyatt is one of those. Not a great photo of him but I was hoping you could see how is shedding... and hopefully you can even see the fur hanging from his horns.

I am sure you need a good scratch now and then loosing all that fur... and those horns can reach just that perfect spot.

Now I know I showed off Frankie last week with his new hornless look. But I snapped this photo of him yesterday afternoon and it just made me so happy to see hims feeling so good... I think he is actually smiling here don't you think?

 Man he is a looker!

I wish Jennifer one of the girl goats had her grandfather's personality.... She is a pretty goat, but a pain in the... well she just isn't friendly at all.

 Her and her sister Malory both are very skittish and not as friendly and outgoing as most all of the other girls. I really wanted to breed Jennifer and get more buckskin goats. But don't want the personality to follow... She is on our for sale list, but maybe I will try this fall and see if we breed her if it might calm her down and let us love on her. She was very much enjoying the shade here... prime afternoon location in the girls pen. The top girls get those spots. And top meaning grouchy... sigh.

I really wanted to get a few photos of Sebastian for you this week. But that boy has been out in the far pasture every time I go looking to snap a few photos of him. Will keep working on that I know you want to see how big he is getting. Even if the boy is a dirty mess... boys! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - we are going to see some close friends today that we haven't gotten to see in months so we are looking forward to that!

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Well Frankie and Raffie are very handsome guys. I love spot and frizzle. Only boring chickens at sons! LOL Although the Siverlace wyendottes are getting prettier. Have fun with friends today, I will be back to visit next Saturday. :)