Saturday, May 21, 2016

Animal Crackers - Water = Mud

Howdy -

Hope you have had a wonderful week. Here we have had lots going on here. Mostly rain, but lots of other things too... LOL

 The girls were very very busy enjoying LOTS of fresh green grass. Of course so busy they couldn't bother to look up and pay any attention to Hubby taking this photo. It is really gorgeous with so much green this late in the year! Normally by this time things are already turning brown here. But I see no brown in this photo do you? Well other than the donkeys...

Now I told Hubby to make sure and find Sebastian and get me a photo of my baby... Hubby found Sebastian and his Mom Bella in one of the dirt roll spots... now a mud spot.

Seem Seb has decided that little boys must rest in the mud. No wonder he has been a mess the past few times I have tried to get hugs from him. Boys will be boys... But he is still so handsome, mud or no mud!

Speaking of messy...

I have gotten use to donkeys taking dirt baths... but still shocks me to see the chickens doing it. They look like they are in trouble. But in reality they too are enjoying the cool soft dirt. Scratching.. Scratching.. then laying down and rolling around and shaking dirt everyone.

When I came in I found Gato in her new favorite spot. 

For a while I was trying why I was having a gathering of fur on one side of the front of my fridge. Well... Gato seems to be the cause. This is one of her regular spots during the day lately. I guess the warmth of the fridge is just too nice for her.

All the rain has been great for all the grass to grow like crazy.. but the garden has now started to go nuts as well.

 The squash and zucchini both are really growing like mad. I am going again on my search for new recipes. Love some of the ones I found last year, but really love finding new fun recipes.

Wanted to share just how much rain we have had this week... this is our road out of our property, our "driveway".

 Good thing we all drive Jeeps and Trucks here huh? Hubby said he was sorry this photo was taken after the water had already started going down... LOL 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend where you are. We have a weekend around home with chores and clean up. Feels good to get caught up on some things though.

HUGS and -


Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Love the donkey pictures; Sebastion is adorable even if he is covered in mud :-) If we were zoned differently I would *so* have donkeys! Some people would be the crazy cat lady... I would be the crazy donkey lady. LOL! With all that zucchini, you should check out for a ton of zucchini and squash recipes. Her site is a great resource for all kids of food! Yum!!!

Helen said...

Lovely pictures again, I adore seb, he is so cute. Indeed good you have trucks and jeeps otherwise you need to swim or wear longlegged boots. Have a great weekend. Xx

Carol Dee said...

It is so weird to see photos of so much water in TX! And the yard here is bone dry! Although rain is predicted for everyday next week. Gato is sure one BEAUTIFUL cat. (Have I ever told you I LOVE CALICO cats?) Hope you have a great week. I will be popping by again next Saturday! ;)