Saturday, May 28, 2016

Animal Crackers - Oops, a bit late

Howdy -

Ooopppps... I think this is the first Saturday I have totally missed scheduling. This week Hubby and I have been helping out a friend and working all day every day this week. That and keeping up things around here... and we both have been fighting off, and dealing with one of those summer colds... well I just totally forgot what day of the week it was! So better late than never...

Went out with Hubby this morning and followed him around while he fed. I will admit... early morning feeding is all him totally him. Not a morning person... LOL

So here a few breakfast photos...

The Goats all line up ready for those flakes of hay to be tossed out to them. Hubby has this down to a science. You see it you don't toss it all around and spread it out really well then the few ring leaders will take over the hay and run the more timid ones off and eat everything!

Here is a view of all the gals enjoying breakfast.

 Love this shot of Thelma and Louise.

 These two sisters are usually always together. They are SO PRETTY! Love these two little girls. Looking forward to next year when maybe they can be Mommas!

Pavo was posing pretty for a photo... of course breakfast was hanging out of his mouth...

Sweet little boy that reminds me so much of his Momma Darlene, and brother Diego. Just a little more cautious ....

And then the three stooges.

Now these three really don't need to be fed breakfast, as they have 20 acres to graze... but they show up every morning and wait at the back gate for Hubby to come out. That looks like a huge pile of hay they have been fed, but in reality it is only a small flake shook out to look like a bigger meal. They are happy and it is a bit of weight watching for them.

Sorry things were late... We have the weekend at home to catch up on things. So moving a little slow this morning, but planning to get some things done. Maybe... LOL we are both worn out!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.
HUGS and


okienurse said...

hope you getting to feel better soon. I would take a day off and rest and recuperate a bit. Nothing like a summer cold. Love the pictures of the baby girls...they are beautiful. I look forward to seeing animal crackers each week even if I don't post I read it. Vickie aka Okienurse

soaringeagle said...

Love the pictures of your animals every week. I didn't realize you have so many goats. Hope you feel rested and better soon.

Carol Dee said...

It sound like you REALLY need a Do Nothing Day. ;) The goats are looking happy and healthy.