Saturday, June 25, 2016

Animal Crackers - All Greens Diet doesn't always make you skinny

Howdy -

Went out to see one of the pens of boys yesterday.  I really had to have a talk with them. Might need to visit one of those weight loss clinics with my guys! You see with all the rain last month we have had a blessing of lots of grass growing. Starting to die out now with the heat but everyone has had lots of grass to enjoy this summer compared to all others. And well it is showing that they are eating so well ... these boys look like they are carrying a few babies! LOL

Yes this Jorge one of my boys... now remember these guys are short legged, so it makes the proportions of weight look a bit off sometimes...  but seriously Jorge... a little physical activity may help... Not that I should be talking at all! He is such a love you just can't be upset with him no matter what!

Pavo approached me next, Now in reality Pavo is the largest (tallest and fattest!) of the three in this pen.

 This guy is WIDE! But I think he purposely turned a little to the side and sucked it in for the photograph. A secret I may have shared with him... LOL

Then my boy Sergio showed up for his attention.

He too has a bit of a pudgie belly, not quite like his 1/2 brothers. I was trying to get a photograph to show off how sleek and shiny his black is. He really is stunning in the sun, but he was just moving to quick to get his kiss on the end of the nose. He is solid black but has lots of red highlights due to the fading of the sun. Yes I kiss my children on the ends of the nose... :0)

Bumped into two of the standard donkeys while walking back to the house. I snapped a shot of Valentine only as his Mom Cocoa just would not even look in my direction. She is such a Diva. But Valentine will usually look my way for snap -

He has such a beautiful or excuse me .. handsome face. Love those dark eyes. But this guy also is getting wider than the barn door! (not seriously) But really lots of rolls on him. His neck fat fell this past fall. People say .. oh you shouldn't let them get so fat.. UH HELLO... we don't feed them any extra... all they get is grazing and they do a lot of it. How do I stop that? And really.... I am told to loose weight I should eat all greens diet... salads no dressing... uh isn't that what these guys are eating and it isn't working so well for them!

Finish off this post with a couple shots of two of the girl goats. Olive Oyl has really worked out a spot for herself.

 She has scratched down in the dirt to create a large circle area of clean dirt for herself. A little cooler and more comfortable - Such a beautiful lady - don't you think. And sweet too.

And then a shot of Sweet Pea - This girl is such a looker.

Not real friendly, but really pretty. And her first baby was just beautiful... so we will keep her and try again for a Spring baby again and see what we get again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends, family or furry kids planned. I have worked long hours the past couple of weeks helping out a friend with an estate. I am thinking that a couple of down days sounds amazing.... lets see if we actually end up getting them! Usually something comes up right? Life...

HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Thanks for the warning on the all greens diet. LOL
Everyone looks so happy and healthy.

Lena's Creations said...

At least now I have the confirmation I needed as to why I'm not losing all the weight I want to - it's all these greens! :-) Your boys and girls look very healthy and happy and in the end that is what's most important. They have beautiful coats - so maybe the greens help and I should stay on my diet - if nothing else, maybe it will prevent a few wrinkles?
Have a blessed week and thank you for sharing your pics.
Lena’s Creations