Saturday, June 18, 2016

Animal Crackers - Hello Summer!

Howdy -

Well we have had lots of weather, lots of rain, and it has been much cooler than normal here in Texas. Well this week... summer HIT! Wham... it got HOT this week. Makes it very tough to get shot of the animals if I don't get out early in the morning. And this last week I have been helping a friend with a job all week... so I got home late yesterday afternoon to find everyone was hiding in the shade or deep in the brush on the back of the property.

Snapped a few of the goats -

Rhett, Thelma and Louise had the prime best shaded spot in the pen.

They didn't bother coming to see me... if you give up the prime location you will loose it you know. :0)

Abigail was under one of the trees...

She was trying to not notice me, but her eyes were moving to keep a watch on me. LOL Just in case I came out with something to eat.

I went over to check on the chickens.. all my chicks this is their first heat week so I really try and keep a close watch to make sure they are handling the heat ok.

The young chicks were all hiding under the largest hut...

 I went back in and grabbed a bag of frozen corn... a first time snack choice for them. They all came out... but then looked at me like "Hey these things are hard! and Cold!!"  It took seconds before they started thawing and they realized they were something tasty...

Was funny watching them.. they were watching the older chickens in the next pen, and then trying them... then watching to make sure they really were eating those hard yellow things...

 Frizzle decided to just stay in the shade and talk to me a little while. HE is a HE for sure.

 Loves to call out in the morning, and loves to talk.... and LOVES to let the three other gals in his pen know he is the HE... LOL

Snapped a shot of Lucy before I went back into the air conditioning...

Lucy is getting to be one of our "older" girls. Our first baby goat all those years ago. I love taking photographs of her... she always looks like she is smiling to me. And you just have to love that great beard! Pretty Lady Lucy!

Sorry no donkeys this week... I think I am going to have to get up and go out for breakfast to get some decent photos of them if it going to stay so hot and humid, for them .... and me!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have some fun with some friends or family planned... or a great day with a furry friend!

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

I always complain about it getting hot then realize I am glad I do not live in TX or AZ. Stay cool.