Saturday, June 11, 2016

Animal Crackers - Lazy Afternoon


I can honestly say we tried to get some Donkey photos this week for you. Photos of the Girls and Sebastian... LOL They boys that live in our guest house were handed the camera and I said go ahead snap me some photos... LOL Oh my... Love when people find out IT IS NOT EASY getting photos of animals! They kept saying "all I am getting is noses, ears and blurred photos they won't stand still!"
So no photos of the girls today - wish I had actually shot video of them trying to take the photos! Love those guys!

So since the girls were not in the close pasture I snapped goat photos today -

This is my favorite of the week -

Now I know Miss Daisy was first up last week as well. But this week she won out with her Daughter Jackie. Now is that a sweet loving pose or what?? Too adorable!

Found Crissy being cute too...

A little afternoon nap - she claimed one of benches in the shade and was really out. Until she heard a noise on the porch that sounded like it just might be "Dad" with a feed sack... that always wakes them up from a sound sleep!

Speaking of sleeping -

I had just founded all of Hubby's clothes from the dryer, sat them down in a chair to switch over the next load. Wasn't but just a couple of minutes tops! That cat can hear me folding clothes and runs for a little snuggle in the warmth. She is such a pretty girl. How could I even move her? They aren't my clothes getting cat hair on them right?

Found Wyatt all stretched out in the shade late yesterday - he was being so calm... then he decided to do just a little talking to me...

 Not much just a little noise to let me know that he was there in case I wanted to pick him a handful of grass from the other side of the fence as a treat... which I did of course. :0)

Now last week a buddy said she hadn't seen Miss Moxie in a while in any of the photos. So I snapped one with my phone and sent it to her.

I know it is grainy, sorry about that, but in order to actually get a photo of Moxie in "her" chair you have to do it a long way from her. As soon as she sees you coming she is like lightning out of the chair on her way to get some belly rubbing! So I had to shoot a ways off and very quietly. I have been trying to sneak up on her to get a photo in the chair for a while now. Was actually shocked I got one finally. Blurry or not!

Breakfast was waiting for her as you can see. And Yes that is a chain across my porch. If we don't put the chain up, one of the standard donkeys get up on my porch and turn things over and are just bad. So the chain give Moxie her private place on the porch and saves my wicker furniture from being broke! They don't mean to destroy they are just curious and clumsy -

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and



okienurse said...

love the pictures! Been out of town...Big Bend area actually so haven't been about to read your blog as religiously as I normally do! Did a bit of stormchasing and just chasing around. Couldn't remember where you lived or it might of been me trying to get picture of your babies. I enjoy Saturday mornings a lot more when I get my weekly dose of Animal Crackers. Thanks for sharing them! Vickie

PaperSunshine said...

All your photos are fun to see regardless of the subjects 😃 Thank you for faithfully posting every Saturday-I eagerly await!!!! Blessings from DFW area!

Lena's Creations said...

Love seeing your animal pictures but also reading the stories that go along with them. Thank you for sharing. Have a Blessed weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Good evening, I was gone most of the weekend and am just stopping by to check in now! I love Moxie's chair. And pretty Gato has the right idea, I love to snuggle into warm laundry, too. Yawn, those goats sure have the right idea, a NAP!