Saturday, June 4, 2016

Animal Crackers - Enjoying the breeze

Howdy -

Yesterday afternoon I went out to see all the animals before a little storm passed through. Storms have been a daily thing around here recently. So much so that the ground is soggy and no mowing going on due to the mushy ground. But back to the animals they were out enjoying the nice breeze before the rain. It was so nice outside.

Lizzy and her Mom Daisy was enjoying the cooler weather on one of the huts. You can see the storm coming in the background. 

Paintbrush was lounging on one of the old stone steps... she has a bit of a Cleopatra look to her doesn't she?

Love this old lady. She is such a wonderful goat.

The Guineas were really busy... all this wet ground has really brought all the bugs out and that makes them really have so much to get done clearing them out.  Busy Busy Busy...

 Autie was being oh so careful wandering through the wet grass.

 They just had baths so I kept telling him to not get wet. Not that he was really paying attention to my at all but I like to think that he was. Ha.

Libbie seemed to be enjoying the breeze most of all.

 Is that a look of total peace - Hated to make her get up and come in but the rain was starting.

Snapped a little shot of Spot before I came in.

All the little chicks are really getting big, and SO friendly. And those feet feathers are just so good looking! We are trying to not spoil these 4... ok so that isn't so true. LOL  You have to be really careful not to step on anyone they run at you and want attention. Hubby is teaching them to eat out of his hand and jump up on him. It is so cute.

Hope you enjoyed and got a smile this week. They always give me a smile. :0)
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

I can hardly believe all the rain you have had! We could use a little. I love those feather feet, too!

Lena's Creations said...

I always enjoy looking at your beautiful cards, Michelle, but these weekend posts are my favourite! Just love reading about your animals. Your stories and pictures always leave me in a happy mood. We've had more than our share of rain lately. We cannot mow our lawn because the ground is so soggy. But, all in all, we are blessed because we are just out of the flood zones. Thank you for sharing your beautiful animals and all your creative projects too!
Have a Blessed weekend.

Niki said...

Those feet feathers are amazing! I had no idea that chickens sprouted so many feathers on their feet. Nice pic of Lizzy and Daisy. I don't think I've seen them featured lately.