Saturday, August 27, 2016

Animal Crackers - Summer Sunset


First I will report that we are all doing well this week here on the farm. :0)

I had a little love fest with Baby Boy Sebastian one evening this week.

My baby boy isn't such a baby any more. Now he isn't a baby any more... in fact the dreaded conversation about weaning him and which pen to move him too, has been a major topic this past week. I HATE moving babies away from their Momma's but we have been watching Sebastian with his Momma Bella and honestly I think Mom is about ready for her teenager to move on. You know how trying teenage boys can be... 

 But seriously he is a cutie...

And a love! This guy really does adore head scratches! But he isn't going to be a happy boy when we move him away from all the ladies -

Found Irene enjoying a bit of a scratch herself! 

Those T-Post make the best scratching post! She was really enjoying herself. LOL

Now these are great photos as I zoomed in a ways to get them... but I found Gabby and Fancy Pants having some sort of private conversation... and then I do believe that Miss Gabby stuck her tongue out at me!

And then were they laughing at me????

 Ok, maybe it was a yawn.. But you know these ladies do have a sense of humor! Just not normally directed at me. HA!

 As heading back into the house I just had to snap a photograph of the sunset -

The animals are our number one reason of loving our lives in the country... but sunsets and nature are surely a close runner up.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - Enjoy a sunset where you are.

HUGS and -


Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Great pics of the donkeys... especially love the laugh the ladies got at your expense, whatever that was about. Lol! And oh that Sebastion is so adorable! I can see why you don't want him moving when its so easy to find him for some loving! Wish I could have a couple donkeys myself but have to wait until we build outside of a neighborhood!

Carol Dee said...

Beautiful sunset. Sweet donkeys. Life couldn't be sweeter. :)