Saturday, August 13, 2016

Animal Crackers - We need a Bigger Bar...

Howdy -

If you look at this photograph you would think this is the only perching spot these chickens have... but nope there is another across the pen and another inside the coop. I understand sleeping outside when it is so hot, I wouldn't want to be in the coop either, well unless the coop had a fan and/or air conditioning. But these girls, they like their perch, they sleep on this perch every night. Summer - Winter - Rain - Wind... don't matter this is where they sleep.... but seriously, girls... there are other places to perch!

Now it is a bit of an odd photo.. sorry for the shadows of the fence. I was outside near midnight using a flash light and checking on the chickens... we had a very very sad morning this last week. We lost one of our very special chickens. We lost Spot this week.

 There were tears... these Bantams and Frizzle are SO Friendly and have become so special to both Hubby and I. Especially Hubby... he has long talks and has taught all of them to climb up on him and eat out of his hand. But One night this last week... something tried to get Spot through the fence and we don't know what happened, but Spot did not make it. Love you Spot... and will miss you.

We are keeping a really close eye on the others - and looking at building up the sides of the pen with something so this can't happen again. And yes... We are looking at building up another larger pen and coop and next spring getting more of these adorable chickens!

The Ladies were over yesterday afternoon - some time in the shed, water, salt block and while here a little head scratching.  The old lady Darlene is looking so good! Fresh green grass diet does her well.

Hard to believe this gal is over 25.. still a looker too!

Fancy Pants was wandering through the high weeds. Look how shiny her coat is! 


Yes these weeds need to be mowed down, Hubby has just been so busy with the new roof and such. But honestly the background of the yellow flowers do make for nice photos!

Love Jolene and her LONG EARS!

Beautiful for sure -

Miss Patti - another one of the older Ladies... and a true love. 

This gal is usually one of the first to the get the head rubs and loving. She is so calm and so sweet. So thrilled we have this lady.

And as I made my way back up to the house I found Autie near the porch... "MOM IT IS SO HOT OUT HERE.... PLEASE GET THAT DOOR OPEN SO I CAN GET BACK INTO THE AIR!"

 I agree Autie... I was only out about 45 minutes and I was soaking wet! Checked the temp... Wow 103!~ OUCH! Luckily there is a little front heading here today and is suppose to bring us a little cooling off rain tonight.

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend - HUG a Furry Friend!
HUGS and-


okienurse said...

beautiful animals. Sorry to hear about Spot! He was an exceptional colored bird. It has been miserable here in OK lately! I went to Pennsylvania for 10 days and I will take our 100 deg low humidity days over their 80 deg 70% humidity. I couldn't get dry at all. Have a great week! Vickie

TA Carbone said...

Oh so sad hearing about Spot. She sure was a beauty.

Carol Dee said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about Spot. Fancy pants really is stunning. I hope you get a cool down anything near 100 is TOO hot. :(