Saturday, August 6, 2016

Animal Crackers - Time with the Boys

Howdy -

Yesterday Hubby and I headed out to the far pen to have some serious head scratchin' time with the boys.

 Here Hubby... or sorry "Dad" was having a talk with the two youngest in the pen, Patricio and Flavio. Not sure what the topic was, but it looks like Pat wasn't listening. Flavio was very into it all though.

I am also not sure what is going on with my camera.... all my photos are a bit artsy looking today... oh my hope I just hit a wrong setting on my camera... LOL

Flavio turned to look at me and say... are you making sure to get my cute side?

Yes.. Flav, you are a handsome boy, and despite you being so skittish for a while you have become a sweet and very good looking grown up!

Love that dark nose with the grey. Bit of a little gut there, but can't do much about that... he is living on lots of green grass!

Here Patricio was coming to say hello to me... love this little guy!

A true looker for sure. Looks just like his Dad, Black Jack. Stunning color. And he is beyond sweet! This guy LOVES nose to nose rubs.

Got a cute photo of Coffee...

 He has the nick name ears - he really has stunning coloring and that dark coloring with that bright white eyes and nose. He is so sleek and shiny too... gorgeous.

Couldn't get Rico to come to me. He did pose though...

I see a bubble of talk above his head... "Really you want me to leave all this green grass and walk all the way across this pen to you... uh no... grass is really great here" Not complaining at all Rico... we are very blessed to have so much green grass in August!! Been a long time since end of summer and we still have so much green!

Again sorry for the really odd photographs... going to have to check the settings on the camera and pay closer attention. I was enjoying the boys too much and not looking at my camera at all. Guess I should have said it was an artsy thing this week and I meant to do that... LOL

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and- 


Carol Dee said...

I think it may be as green there as it is here in IA!
All the boys are handsome for sure.
Have a great weekend.

BethW said...

Photos ae fantastic-everyone looking happy and content.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Artsy or not, the donkeys are still adorable!!!

Lena's Creations said...

Lovely photos of the boys this week. They are all looking well and happy. Have a great weekend.