Saturday, August 20, 2016

Animal Crackers - Through the Window

Howdy -

There is nothing that makes me smile more than walking through the dining room and glancing out the window and seeing this sweet lady chillin' in the shade.

The three standards have the run on the farm, and one of Cocoa's favorite places is the side of the house in the shade. And that gives me a chance to tap on the window and say hi to her  - And yes, 99% of the time she is backed in... I guess in case she needs that quick get away to chase something. Ok, she isn't going to chase anything... so I am not sure why she backs in. LOL

Now while going back and forth through the dining room I was folding laundry... and once again I didn't get it done fast enough before Gato found it. She hears the dryer buzzer and makes a run for it to get the warmest cuddling!

 She just loves those warm clothes to nap in! So the laundry stayed there until her nap time was over...... it was a long wait you know how those cat naps go.

Sandy was enjoying the nice weather to stretch out on top of one of the goat huts.

Really was a nice day yesterday - First day all week with no rain, and it wasn't a million degrees of heat. So I guess she had the right idea to just enjoy it.

Got a great shot of Malory - She is a goat I don't snap to many photos of. Honestly she isn't the friendliest of the goats. Both her and her sister from day one have been a bit stand offish. 

 Now she is still a cute goat. Just not one of my "babies"... I tend to really bond with those that like me more. Right?

This last photograph just cracked me up....

 Does anything in life feel better than scratching that itch that has been driving you nuts? She was going to town scratching on those concrete steps.... Back and Forth, Back and Forth... stretching that neck out and really feeling good! Oh Yea!

Before I end today I have more sad news. I just couldn't bring myself to pull up a photo. We lost Frizzle this week. Yes, another of our little pet chickens. After late nights and trying to find out what was happening. It looks like we have a critter that has figured out a way to get to our chickens. Hubby has been working on the pens all week now and hopefully things are more like a fortress and everyone is safe. I don't think either of us can handle loosing another one. Spot was horrible to loose and Frizzle was heartbreaking. Life of raising animals on the farm but a part neither of handle well. WE Adored both Frizzle and Spot and we have decided that we have to find more little chickens these guys were just too special.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. A quiet weekend at home for us - looking forward to it!

HUGS and -


BethW said...

Fabulous pictures! Sure hope the reinforcement works-sending love and hugs for your losses.

Janet Barnett said...

I never realized how many different animals will eat chickens until we had chickens. We had trouble with raccoons (they peeled up the tin on our barn roof & carried chickens out!!), weasels, dogs, etc. It's traumatic to lose one - on the humans, as well as the other chickens. Hope your reinforcements do the trick!

okienurse said...

great pictures today…I have a cat like yours that when the dryer buzzes she is right there to hop in the basket. I end up covering her with clothes and like you say it takes quite a while to get to fold them. I hate to hear some varmint is getting to your feathered babies. It is hard to keep them safe even with a lock down hen house. hope your husband found the way in and has eliminated it. Have a great week.

Carol Dee said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear about the loss of another sweet chick. :( I agree with Gato I love to snuggle into warm from the dryer laundry.