Saturday, January 7, 2017

Animal Crackers - First week of 2016 Smiles

Howdy -

First week of the year has been just as busy and nuts as the last year... normal. But a little time out with my "children" makes everything wonderful.

Starting with my baby boy Autie.

 My little love. He is a dirty mess here, but still adorable.

Chicken time... This lady was perched on her pole. Isn't she a beauty...

We are very proud of our "girls".. the egg production has been way up!! We have change food last month and from what we are seeing we are liking the results.

Now the new food must be good cuz we need to spill it out everywhere and enjoy it to the fullest!

 How funny... and I just love those fuzzy rear ends!

Now this is what we call modern goat dating....

Head butting with a fence!! Now how romantic is that?

Rico was trying hard to get attention.. now how can you not adore that face.

This is such a calm sweet man. Well unless he "accidentally" gets out of his pen and finds freedom... then he runs, bucks and kicks with glee... and it isn't easy to get him to understand he is safer in his pen. LOL

And here is Daisy and her adult kids Jackie and Liz chillin' in the sun.

Still a sweet trio.. Momma and her girls.

I hope you enjoyed this week again.... Big Hugs from all my kids and me!


PaperSunshine said...

Oh my gosh it is so Cold! 17 this morning, I don't know how animals stand it but obviously they do! Glad to see your pictures this morning, they brighten my day. Keep warm!

Danni said...

Umm, I don't want to say it because I've been doing it too but umm, it's 2017 and all these are marked 2016. I'll run and hide now.

I always adore your animal cracker posts so much!!

okienurse said...

I love sitting down with my morning cup of coffee and reading Animal Crackers on Saturday mornings. About the only thing that makes it worth getting out of my warm bed for this morning. I would be hard pressed to pick a single one that like better but Audi is adorable as you say. Interesting fluffy rear end on that chicken...remember when we dressed little girls with fluffy bottom diaper covers.... Happy New Year Michelle!

Carol Dee said...

Happy New Year Michelle and all. Love the weekly posts and like okienurse look forward to them each week. Actually Autie sure looks tidy compared to DH's dog when he comes in from a day at the lot/garden! LOL See you next week.