Saturday, January 28, 2017

Animal Crackers - Making Me Smile

Howdy -

These "children" of mine each have a way of making me smile. They each have their own personalities and show them off in there own way. Some are down right hysterical... some a calm and beautiful. Some are just trying to get the most attention -

Juliet and Lacey were at the fence pushing... shoving and both working to get the first head scratch and the largest share of attention. Juliet usually wins at this as she is a standard donkey among miniatures... but Lacey said NOPE not this time girlfriend!

And with a grin like that you just have to laugh out loud and let her have that first rub! LOL good thing I have two hands though... Juliet wasn't giving up that easy!

Lacey's grown daughter Gabby was working the big brown eyes for attention.

This girl can rock both the sweet batting eyes for attention or the pushy shove attention depending on her mood. Today it was the calm beautiful look working best....

Now Ellie Mae's personality is usually calm and beautiful. She always looks so pretty..... but she gets the biggest grins from Hubby and I when she calls out to us.

This gal has a yell that can scare some. Sounds like a two or three year old child scream at the top of her lungs. Makes you jump for sure if you aren't use to it. I love it... she is the only one with this distinctive voice. And even when I am in the house I hear it far out in the pasture and it makes me smile.

Rhett can be listed as one of those pushy personalities....

But this girl can also stand perfectly still and make me laugh. I always get this feeling she is saying "Look deep into my eyes... good and now bring me some treats" Those eyes can melt you ....

And I know Spartacus has been shown more than once wearing his hay... But seriously if you are going to list ones that make me smile... Spartacus is for sure in list!

Usually it is breakfast he enjoys storing on his... but this week I found him out there scooping up and walking around with a small pile of hay late in the day. Guess he was just proud he found a little late afternoon snack... or it was just a fashion statement... LOL

Now Autie's fashion statement was not too funny... Ok so I laughed a little... but Hubby, nope he was not happy.... You see Autie had a bath the night before I snapped this photo. 

He decided that his fluffy clean fur would feel good rolling around outside... yep Hubby was not thrilled with the boy. But who are we kidding... he really wasn't too mad... you can never stay upset with that sweet face! 

One of the outdoor kitties, Samantha was not kidding around with me though... LOL She was reaching out to me... or was it the can food I told her about?

LOL Check out those claws! LOL Sweetest kitty alive in reality... well unless you are holding back some can food! She did let me give her some loving before her meal though. So all is good.

Hope you got a smile this week. Maybe a chuckle or two....
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and


okienurse said...

such cute photos of the animals today...I don't know how people can be mean to animals cause they are just like us with personalities, likes, dislikes, loves, and can feel pains. I had a talk with my neighbor about how abusive they are to their animals leaving them outside without food in 0deg weather with no shelter...really had me mad that day. I love you critter pictures each week and they really do make you smile! Thanks for sharing them!

BethW said...

They certainly make me smile too. Wow-Gabby really can melt your heart with those eyes! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I always look forward to Saturdays so I can your fabulous "kids".

Carol Dee said...

I LOVE Spartacus's Hay Hat.... LOL
Like Beth says, I look forward to visiting each Saturday. I was a bit late today. Overslept than had to rush about and get things done. So I was happy to be able to drop in a see all though sweet faces.

Lena's Creations said...

Like almost everybody, I too look forward to Saturday's to see what your "furbabies" are up to. They all look wonderful! I too, can't understand how people can be cruel to animals, especially when they give you their love unconditionally. Thank you for your lovely pictures. They always put a smile on my face :-)
Have a blessed weekend.

Niki said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing. Autie still looks a bit fluffy from his bath, despite the grass clippings. My dog is convinced her bath is not done until she has a good roll in the yard. Never mind that's what we were trying to clean up with the bath!