Saturday, January 14, 2017

Animal Crackers - Yep it's 2017

Howdy -

Yes, I realize I made the classic January error last week. I dated my photographs with last years dates... sigh... hey I haven't written any checks so I have to mess up something dated wrong.

Now I guess that I have to start off by letting you know that it hasn't been such a great week here. Last weekend we lost two of our adult boy goats. Chachi and Paul ... we have been so sad.

Chachi has always been a favorite around our place. Stunning coloring and outgoing personality. 

Paul was a shy boy, but very friendly. 

We believe that it was some sort of pneumonia, our weather here has been warm, cold, hot, wet, freezing then warm again all in a couple of weeks time. It must have been too much for these two boys. So very sad.

Because of that I think we have been paying even more attention to all the other "kids". The other two boys in our MEN pen... Hank and Chuck are doing good and loving the extra attention and extra feed.

Hank has always been one to love the extra attention. He knows how to demand it as well. Since his days as a tiny baby to now always a cutie.

And his 1/2 brother Charles "Chuck" a bit more cautious and laid back than his brother..

Looks so much like Hank, just as cute. But such a different personality.

Wyatt is another semi look alike for Hank and Chuck - He has Hanks more outgoing personality. Soon he should be moving down to the adult MEN's pen.

Love that little grin on his face.. those shiny pearl whites showing through. Ok so not too shiny. Now I have told you in the past about that red on their horns.. how they do that on the fence panels.

Caught Spartacus in the act.

 I guess that rubbing them feels good. You know like a great scratch. Spartacus will also me making the move to the Men Pen. Just making sure things are safe as you see Spartacus is a bit of curious little dude and I want to make sure he can't find any way out.

Next week we have a family coming out to visit looking for a pair of boy donkeys... So we will be introducing them to Patricio "Pat" and Flavio.

 Will do some serious tears when these two find their forever home. Wish it could be here, but we just can't keep all the guys. I know if this family falls for these two they will have happy homes, and be loved but it still makes me sad to see them go. But these two will spread lots of joy.

Hope you have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

So sorry to hear about Paul and Chachi. Yes the crazy weather pstterns have not been helpful. Everyone else looks good. I bet the family coming to see Pat and Flavio will Fall In Love instantly. Stay well.

okienurse said...

The weather has definitely been weird this year...It makes me to sad to hear of the passing of Paul and Chachi...the circle of life! I love the coloring on the Hank, Chuck, and Wyatt brothers...personalities are such a bonus aren't they it would be horrible if we were all alike. Good luck finding the forever homes. They are handsome boys! Stay warm! Vickie

Lena's Creations said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of Paul and Chachi. I can imagine that as much as you want Pat and Flavio to find forever homes, you will miss them terribly. I don't think I would be as strong as you - I would get too attached and not let them go. I found a lost puppy a few years ago and put up posters everywhere. When their owners came to get him a couple of days later, I already cried like a baby. I got so attached to the little guy in just a couple of days! So I can imagine how you've grown to love all your "kids".
Hugs and prayers for strength for you.