Saturday, January 20, 2018

Animal Crackers - Chickens on Ice? Ice on Chicken!

Howdy -

 Gotta love Texas weather... up into the 70's today.... and Tuesday we were in the teens! Texas shuts down when we get ice... and we had ice! The donkeys were fine with it. I am sure they would like it a bit warmer than 18... but cold doesn't bother them too much. Goats - uh no they were not happy. Staying in the huts is a better plan. The Chickens - business as usual. They were out clucking and scratching around for things to snack on. Now they were sporting around a new look though....

A little coating of ice? It was sleeting and they did not want to go in.. things were sticking around! I worried about them like crazy. Hubby said if they were cold they would not have come out of their coops with heat lamps. Ok.. so a few of the chickens were more like me and stayed inside. But the adventure chickens went out enjoyed the weather. 

But they were cute...

Or cold? They are always funny that is for sure!

Hubby sent me this photo... he was out busting up water jugs for the animals during the freeze and had to show me this adorable photo of Pavo... puffed up in the cold Pavo. That is how they stay warm, that thick winter coat puffs up to give them a fuller warmer coat.

He is so handsome!  And Fluffy when the weather is chilly!

This photo is from last week... I just loved Vera standing out in the afternoon sun enjoying the breeze in her beard.

Don't we all love the wind in our hair? LOL

Hope you have wonderful weather where you are and that this week brought you a little smile again this week. I am hoping that the bit warmer weather sticks around here for a while. Not a fan of cold cold icy weather. Us Texans panic with that slippery stuff! So here is to warmer weather and Spring coming ASAP!

Have a blessed weekend and hug a furry or feathered friend!


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