Saturday, January 27, 2018

Animal Crackers - Hi.. Yes I am beautiful!

Howdy -

I have a hard time not taking photos of Gracie every week and showing her off.... She is my super model. And is always up front for her close ups!

The girl loves to have her photo taken and I swear she poses. And when you look like that... You are a super model!!

Another girl that I just love taking photographs of... Miss Moxie -

Maybe that is because she follows me around while I am out taking photos, and she is just so darn cute! She was stretching out and tail wagging here... Love that her collar is usually on sideways, so sweet!

And speaking of sweet... Miss Bitsy.

 Our homemade home grown little Bantam. She is just so precious. Now I know it isn't fair to all our other chicken children, but Bitsy gets to come out of her pen while we are out feeding and gathering eggs. She is so funny... she runs out and starts grabbing grass and such as fast as she can. Then you just wave your hand and say ok time to go back and she runs right back in!! Now I have been on extra guard when she is out .lately... I huge hawk has been perching on our chicken coop, trying to figure out if he can get in for a little dinner. UH NO! I love how gorgeous hawks are, but not hunting my chickens! I run out of the back yard waving my hands yelling looking a bit nuts to make him fly off when I see him! Stay away from my kids!!

How about a handsome man now?

Spartacus knows he is good looking! Funny little man. He is doing so well in the mans pen. I was worried he would be a little escape artist in the large pen, but so far.. fingers crossed and knock on wood he hasn't had interest in getting out... yet.

Now cute but maybe not the smartest... My big boy Valentine.

Same hay throughout the entire bale of hay, but this guy has to always get as far in and turn inside the bale ring. It is so funny to watch him, it is like he thinks he is getting better hay when he reaches in so far. LOL I guess really I shouldn't make fun of him... I prefer the inside of the loaf of french bread and leave the outside crunchy crust... Ha! That is where Hubby and I make the perfect couple, he prefers the crust and finishes off what I leave.

Well I hope you got a bit of grin this week. Busy weekend for us this weekend... a normal crazy time on the farm!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and 


okienurse said...

Beautiful babies! I have always loved Gracie and her posing. Moxie seems to be smiling this week too. Is she frog butt laying down? I had a dog when I was a kid that laid like that. For some reason the red tailed hawks are everywhere right now. Don't know whether it was a particularly good year for them last year or what. Drove down to Dallas from OKC and I would bet there was at least 1 every mile or so. Lots of them. Take care and have a great week. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

OMG Gracie is Adorable. And yep Moxie is pretty cute. Bitsy is a good girl. Our chickens have to be chased back in when they get out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

dragonfly60 said...

I enjoy your photos so much! They brighten my day and make me smile. Thank You!