Saturday, April 28, 2018

Animal Crackers - Nope not yet...

Howdy -

Before I get started today... no there are no babies yet. Sigh... I am so tired of looking at Mommas rear ends and check to see if their bags have filled yet. Donkeys are not showing any signs... But the goats... we are getting closer much closer on a couple. But I am not focusing on them because a watched pot never boils.

Now why does Autie look so sad? 

Well Mom was mad at Gato... now no worries she didn't get any kind of punishment other than me yelling for a minute but when anyone raises their voice or gets in trouble Autie gets so upset and needs to have some cuddling and comforting. My poor little boy look how sad those big brown eyes are.... yes I made time to hug on him right then.

Now why did get Gato get in trouble? Well my perfect little kitty that never does anything wrong... well she has been pulling her claws on the chair of my elliptical bike.  Now maybe that was her way of letting me know that the bike is just sitting there and not getting used at all. I know I know I am suppose to be on it each day, but well... bad knee/leg... working lots of hours... busy schedule... yeah I have worked up lots of excuses that really don't work. I need to get back on it daily I know... But that was no reason to claw my chair!

Guess I will get crafty with a cover for it so it doesn't look so bad now... and she better stay away from it now!

Since I was avoiding looking at any of the Mom's to be on my trip out to take photos I decided to have a chat with Peso.... 

You see Goats are pregnant 147-152 days. So if Peso can clue me in on which lady he went out on a date with first then I can maybe have a better clue who will go first. Is it just me or is he grinning at me like he is the ladies man?

Speaking of Ladies man... this guy is such a hottie.

No he hasn't had his chance to have a "date". But that doesn't stop him from showing off and flirting daily with the ladies. But he is still my little bottle orphan boy... he comes to the fence whenever I go out to get the top of his nose kissed and a little bit of rear end scratching. A hot Ladies man, but always a Momma's boy!

Vera was doing a bit of gossiping when I got out to the goats pen. She was talking then grabbing a mouth full of hay... chew chew chew... gab gab gab.

Wish I could speak goat because she thought what ever it was she was talking about was really interesting. LOL

Now I have been telling you all about Hubby's new wild bird pigeon friend Blanca recently. But have I told you about his other wild friend? Last fall we had some baby Vultures raised in the rafters of one of the old buildings on our property. Mom raised the two babies then after they were old enough to be on their own she took off. But the two "children" they have stuck around. Oh they fly off for a day or so but then they appear back to their "home"

Hubby has chats with them, they don't come in close but they sit up in an old snag and watch him work outside. So he chats with them..... he just loves all kinds of animals, birds, creatures of all kinds. LOL Love him.

Well I hope you got a smile again this week. I promise to report in as soon as we have our first arrival of any baby.  Sigh...

HUGS and


okienurse said...

Autie does look a little sad...such an emotive face. I have a Gato here that likes to scratch too..I bought some two face tape that is for has a smell they don't like and if they get by that the tape gets them! Saves several piece of furniture. Love of the pictures of boys and birds...oh not to forget Vera...shes a looker for sure! Have a great week Michelle and hope you see some babes soon!

Soaring Eagle said...

I just love seeing the pictures of all your "babies". Can't wait to see the new little ones.
Wish I lived closer.

Carol Dee said...

Yikes, where has my weekend gone? Almost missed my weekly visit. ;) Yep, I am looking forward to those baby posts too! Gato looks so innocent, like the scolding did not bother her even if Autie was a bit sad. See you next week (Maybe with a baby or 2 !!!)