Saturday, April 7, 2018

Animal Crackers - You know I am good looking!

Howdy -

Speck our newest chicken that was injured is all better. She now runs across the pen to greet us and get to snack on that grass outside her coop. Her and her "coop-mate" Itsy are BFF's and getting along perfectly. And most important... this girl KNOWS she is good looking! 

Common you know she is good looking! LOL

Macie was calling out to let me know that she is gorgeous too!

I can't tell a fib here. She actually was calling out that she wanted back into the special pen with Darlene and have more of that Senior Equine food... mmm it is rich and has lots of goodies in it! But Macie is a bit "bigger boned" and really doesn't need all those extra calories too often. So she had to be told no and wander back to the hay and grass pasture. I completely understand life Macie... I am right there with you girl!

Paintbrush was really relaxed here... awake, but almost at that point of not - 

Love this old lady and she has been doing so well the past few months. We had that scare last fall with her getting so sick, but she bounced back and is doing great!

Spartacus was out enjoying the morning - such a handsome young man. And a happy young man!

He should have been sold but his personality was so fun we just never "advertised" him. I guess technically he has always been for sale and if someone wanted him we would have... but we just didn't push the issue with him. LOL

His half brother Wyatt is sort of the same situation.. 

He has been on our list and I really would love to have sold him, but he hasn't - so he makes a good buddy for Spartacus. He isn't quite as friendly but will eventually come to you for those nose scratches. And from the looks of this photo he needed to come over to get some of that nasty winter fur off of the ends of his horns. Shedding is going on and I suppose it itches.. so those horns come in handy!

I think Chica is tired of waiting on me to come back in... she was napping on the back porch while waiting.

 Such a pretty face!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and that you got a smile this week!
Hug someone furry and/or feathered -
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Thanks for another great post. It's so nice to sit and have my coffee while reading about your guys and gals. The pic of Macie just cracks me up as does your explanation.

Carol Dee said...

They all look so happy and content in the sunshine. Speck is pretty. Hey they all are.

okienurse said...

beautiful fur babies! Love that look on Specks face! I always enjoy seeing the boys with their beautiful horns. I don't know why people cut them off! Have a great week!

Ginger Shaw said...

Just love my Sunday read here in Australia about the antics of your babies.
They are all beautiful.

BethW said...

They are all gorgeous! I always look forward to seeing your beautiful babies.thank so much for taking the time involved to share them with us.