Saturday, April 14, 2018

Animal Crackers - We have named her Blanca

Howdy -

And we have named her Blanca -  So Hubby's new friend his white pigeon that has decided to stay for a while. Every day she arrives has her breakfast that Hubby has left out for her, and then she settles in to watch over the goats and donkeys under the eve.

Now first off yes we know she is wearing a band on her leg, and we are now of the mission of finding out where she is from. All though we hate to see her leave. She brings a smile to us daily and is so friendly. Oh and so beautiful.

We now have all our hopefully soon to be Momma goats in one pen, and now we wait.

I am not good at waiting... Sigh....

Went out and saw my three stooges my full size donkeys having a snack on some fresh green grass. And after the rains there is LOTS of grass growing for sure! 

 Valentine is such a sweet baby boy - Yes he is a full adult but he is a baby at heart. And we love him to pieces.

His Momma was right there with him grazing.

 She is graying up a bit with her age, but no question she is still in charge of the trio. Large and in charge!

oh my boy Autie.... Now this is the face saying " No Mom I have no idea what you are talking about I was not the one that tore a hole in the trash... Not me at all..."

 Now first of all if "Dad" had not placed the bag on the back porch it would not have happened. The temptation was just more than he could handle. How could I ever be upset with those big brown eyes? Never. Love my boy...

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
Hug a furry or feathered friend.
HUGS and


okienurse said...

awesome pictures today! Your right it is all Dad's fault how could that sweet baby have done something like that?? I feel so sorry for those pigeons having to wear that tag around their leg. My cousin says some are really cheap birds and others are super expensive. Pigeons make loyal pets according to him. I am looking forward to seeing photos of new babies soon. We have been really dry up here and not nearly as green! Hoping spring comes soon. Have a great week. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

still cold and more sleety snow came today. So ready to see some nice green grass like you have there.
The pigeon is pretty , we had one that would visit our water feature until a hawk caught him/her :(
Yep, I am hoping to see some bouncing baby goats soon?!?!