Saturday, May 12, 2018

Animal Crackers - He could have brought me...

Howdy -

Well Hubby could have brought me.. flowers, candy, craft supplies, something furry or feathered... but nope... he gave me his illness! His bug he had! Oh.. now the main thing to understand is that according to him... "As a man he was much sicker than me and handled it well because a man is stronger... " Oh MY ! He was such a baby! Honestly though for a "cold" this has been the worst I have had and remember in forever. The aches and pains with it and the fact that I have had no energy to move much less do anything. So he was a baby... but man this was or is a doozy of a bug! But I am now I think on the mend to a degree so it is time to get some things done.

First off we are going to have to say good bye to a couple of our girls. Very Very Very sadly as these two girls are favorites around here. But we had a call for a Mother's Day gift for a wife and for his small son to raise up and love on. And I know these two girls are going to be loved and have a nice home. I will probably tear up big time though when they leave tomorrow.

Sonia and Gabby are moving on.

I didn't get a photo this week of Gabby this week.. but I happened to get one of Sonia -

Dad spoiled the girls with part of a bale of fresh hay - So attention was not their main focus. We are going to miss Sonia and Gabby horribly.. but we have to share the love I suppose.

Now Lacey was really trying hard to say.. "LOOK HOW CUTE I AM!"

That nose through the fence pose is a favorite - They know they melt my heart with this pose. Such a sweet lady...

Then I find Patti.. I may be a bit older lady but I can pull off this cute pose too!!

Yes Patti and even if a bit older you are just as cute! A bit pushy as many of you girls are... but simply adorable! And yes.. I leaned down and kissed both of those sweet spotted noses!

Found this a fun shot...

Now shhhhh don't tell Juliet she isn't just like her BFF's! She was suppose to be a friend for our standard Valentine, but that didn't work out because Val was afraid of Juliet.. big baby boy. So Juliet has ended up being all the girls "BIG" sister. And she loves her gals.

Irene looks around and says normally I would be pushing forward for some attention, but I will miss out on this bite of hay!

 Funny girl... I understand eat first.. I would too.

Ellie Mae was keeping a very close watch on Moxie, who was wandering in and out of the girls pen. She knows to stay a good distance from the donkeys -

And Ellie Mae is one that is always on guard for any dog... she knows Moxie is family.. but she is still a dog so she needs to be watched. Ellie you are a good watch donkey... just keep it more to coyotes ok?

One other sad note I have to mention - Olive Oyl went into labor this week. And after staying with her a long while we decided this was not a normal birth.. with a little help she delivered a still born boy. So sad.. but now all turns to making sure Olive is ok. So far she is doing really well and I think is going to be ok. We were so looking forward to her first baby - but most important is our girl Olive being ok. So we keep a close watch - Now if one of those other pregnant gals will give a bouncing healthy baby that would really cheer me up. Just because I count down the days of pregnancy from the day we put them in with the boys - that doesn't mean that was the very day they actually got bred and it took.. so I leave things to God and try and stay calm and not freak - sigh.. not easy.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Hello, Happy Mother's Day, after all you are Momma to MANY Furry and feathered loves. Love seeing the noses through to fence, too cute. So Sorry to hear about Olive Oyl's loss. Can't wait for the next bouncing babies either. Soon......

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