Saturday, May 26, 2018

Animal Crackers - You're going to just have to stick with me...

Howdy -

Well...  we have a few reasons this week you are going to just have to stick with me and enjoy a bit more Domino this week...

You see I have been working quite a few hours this week and got home yesterday evening to go out and snap photos for today - one - I was worn out. All day outside in 94 degree heat.. not my norm. and I and wiped out. Two - I honestly was going to show a few donkey photos today since Miss Abigail hasn't released her captive babies yet. But we had a little water leak during the day and I had on new shoes and would have had to go all the way back to the house to put on some water boots. And not ruin my new shoes, So Nope.. to tired to go for the boots.  Three - As I said Abigail is still pregnant - very very wide pregnant so only one adored little baby to love on and play with and snap cute photos of...

Here is a little love to Momma first off -

I know! I can hear you awe.... He is so adorable! He really has stolen our hearts as well as all the other ladies in the pen. Even Abigail has warmed up to him and is sweet on him.

Our big boy accomplishment this week is the bench! We are barely 2 weeks old and he has mastered jumping up onto the bench. 

 Now I am sorry it is a bit grainy of a photo... but if I had walked any closer he would have jumped down to start the run run run chase me play game. But it is cute too.

I love this little guy so much! He is so funny. Ok they are all adorable and all funny and cute when little like this, but I think cuz it has been a while since we had a baby goat and this guy is so fun then so cuddly he seems so special to us. He is..

Now the big bench has been mastered, but the igloo huts.. nope that one may be a bit longer until we can check that off our list of doing -

He tries and tries... until he is too worn out and gives up for a while. Won't be too long but a bit longer I am sure. Don't grow up too fast baby boy!

Here is my really big girl. Now I lightly complain that she hasn't given birth this week. But honestly I have a couple more days of long days of work, and am ok if she will wait until I am home to be there for the delivery.

Hubby describes her milk bag as a basket ball... so she is really close. Praying for a smooth easy delivery for this first time Mom... and striking babies that are as gorgeous as she is.

 Wanted to update about Olive Oyl.

She lost her baby a few weeks ago after a long long delivery. I was really concerned that she would develop an infection or have some sort of effects from it all. But she seems to be doing fabulous. She as slimmed down, milk bag went away (that caused a little uncomfortable issues the first few days) And she is eating and doing great. Her favorite thing right now seems to being a "kid sitter" for Sweet Pea and watch over Domino and sleep with Domino if Mom has gone to get a bite to eat or move around. She is a great goat - love her to pieces and will have to see how long before we try again to breed her. But for now she can play with Domino -

Hope you got a smile and didn't mind so much cuteness with more Domino a second week.. You and I both know you will be seeing lots of little Domino in the future... LOL

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Martina said...

Domino is too cute!! What a lovely little boy!! And poor Olive Oyl has lost her baby :(
Have a lovely weekend!

Carol Dee said...

Ohhh he is ADORABLE, I do not mind if you want to show him off some more :) Really looking forward to more baby cuteness soon. Enjoy the extra day this weekend.