Saturday, October 19, 2019

Animal Crackers - Handsome Stinky Man

Howdy -

Such a Handsome Man... STINKY but really handsome.

Alvin moved to Frankie's Old pen, a bit larger and well... closer to the girls. And being closer to the girls gives him LOTS of opportunity to strut, flirt and tell the girls that he is the studly Man of their dreams. And showing him off to you and just how adorable he really is is nice, and saving you from the smell... whoa! He has been flirting A LOT with the girls! Love from a distance is best at this time! Or clothes pens on your nose!

He is adorable no matter what he smells like!

 And a sweetheart too! I just can't hug on him right now. I would have to burn my clothes seriously!

Crissy was out watching me talk to Alvin. She is one of the beauties that Alvin has had his eyes on.

 She is a beauty...

Jennifer was with Crissy - Funny Crissy is one of the friendliest goats we have, but Jennifer...

 Yeah... I don't get to love on her much.. or at all. One of those that just never was friendly. We have had so few of these spaz goats, I have tried for years but nothing from her or her sister Malory.

We had a cold front here this last week, and for days it was cool, and cloudy. But then the end of the week the sun came out and the chickens have been clucking about it loudly!

 Scratching around looking for snacks and just simply enjoying the nice weather and sun!

Had a few asking about my baby boy "Autie"

 He is doing so much better, now that we are watching and feeding him as healthy as we can. Fat intake is a big no no. So my homemade dog food has been totally changed. No more dark meat chicken... only white meat, no veggies that aren't good for him... corn is a no no, carrots and green beans are good but Yellow Squash is really good for him, so he has gotten all of this years garden squash I froze for the winter... he is more important you know. All three our inside doggies love breakfast meals. I thought they might complain when I changed up the menu for Autie... but honestly they eat the new low fat just as happily. I guess it is better than plain ole' hard dog food. They are all three getting at a healthy weight - and Autie's doing so much better. Now if only I could do something for allergies for him and Libbie... sigh I cook more for these three than I do for Hubby and I! But they are my kids!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have some plans with family friends and furry children!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Alvin is a handsome dude! O.K. I will happily admire his stinkiness from here ;) I need you to come prep healthy low fat meals for me! What a struggle to try to drop weight. Lucky dog to have you being sure to feed him/them so well.

okienurse said...

Handsome man is the smell really strong on all the males? My friend raises goats and she said no but you know sometimes it is difficult to sit next to her she smells so feral! OH her anyway! Hubby just made a remark to me this morning that I spend more time fixing meals for the girls then I do for him. They have to be gluten free or there is issues so yes I do spend time...Love them too you know! Hope you have a great week! Vickie

Ginger Shaw said...

So glad Autie is feeling better. My little girl is on a diet for her sensitive stomach and it’s so hard sometimes to know what to make. Luckily she loves chicken. Glad the boys are enjoying themselves.