Saturday, October 26, 2019

Animal Crackers - Loud and Clear!

Howdy -

After a wonderful rain shower and cool front Friday was breezy but gorgeous. The ladies were up front and well... talking to me about the rain the night before. 

Bella was very vocal telling me a long loud story... 

 Now we can't blame the gossiping just on Bella... Pepita joined in to tell her view points...

Her version was much shorter and lower pitched. Now after her Lacey, Vicki and and then Ellie Mae had a say. I didn't get photos of them, cuz well actually I was inches away from Ellie Mae when she started "talking" and well... Ellie Mae is very very high pitched and very very loud when she talks. And I jumped and then covered my ears! LOL

Patti was just standing back as usual calm and watching everything.

 Yes... hoping that is a baby bump there and not too much hay... But then I saw Miss Juliet!

Is that some sort of snickering or judgement sticking that tongue out that I jumped??? I bet I know who taught her that... LOL !!!! I won't call out any names ... but she knows who she is! She has a special thing with Juliet!

Lucy was keeping her mouth closed watching all this with the donkeys..

Keeping her mouth closed with a very full mouth of hay! LOL Silly Donkeys...

Snapped a photo of Ted E. Bear coming towards me. He is such a handsome man.

My over friendly greeter. He got lots of ear scratching and loving after snapping this. He always does get his attention - when you are that cute its easy to get lots of attention!

Hope you have a furry friend to love on this weekend. And have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

That is a talkative bunch of girls you have there. ;) I'd fit right in (or so my hubby would tell you.) ;) Happy Weekend.