Saturday, October 5, 2019

Animal Crackers - This Guy is a Comedian!

Howdy -

 Mr. Pavo... He likes to put a portion of breakfast on his back every morning. I have shown this in the past, him with a hunk of hay perfectly balanced, saving it for later.

I finally caught him in the act!!!!!!

Yep... here he his big chunk of hay flying thru the air and putting it in the center of his back! LOL He seriously cracks me up! If the donkeys have a spot in the brush for an evening of stand up comedy... this guy is the head liner for sure! And then there is Vickie just calmly enjoying her meal... Such a lady! Well unless you catch her in the act of a good roll in the mud. sigh.

I think Vera found it funny too... 

I swear she grins when I point the camera at her! That row of bottom teeth all lined up and then that smile. Vera you, your grin and that long silky stinky beard is priceless!

Found Gato totally crashed asleep. Now it is on the bills I had gathered up to pay that morning!

Now if only she would pay them that would make me HAPPY!  She was too precious - the bills just waiting awhile until the cat nap was over!

Libbie - Love this girl to pieces but you see there is a pecking order in our house. "Dad" is the boss...

 Then her... then I think she places Chica, Autie, Gato in order then ME! She was enjoying the sun the other morning and I had a ton of work to get done and she would not come in! Wouldn't even look my way- I was sweet.. I yelled.. I tried the bribe word of "Cookie"... I even went over and gave her shove! Then Dad calmly from across the yard just said her Name "Libbie... inside" - she got up and went straight to the back door!! SO FRUSTRATING!!! Still love her. :0)

Hope you got a smile this week.. I know Pavo at least gave you a grin!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

It is Sunday Already. Where is the weekend flying off to? Silly Pavo. WE can always tell you have happy fur babies by the grins they wear. Vera is so PRETTY. I like Gato's idea to nap on those bills. Sure wish the pets COULD pay them. ;) See you next week.

Lena said...

Always a smile on my face when reading your posts. It's not the first time my Maverick (dog) has shredded my bills. I guess he figures I shouldn't pay them :-) Problem is that I then have to scurry around looking for the online version so that I can pay them :-) Love seeing your furry friends every weekend.
Have a great week ahead. Till next Saturday, hugs.