Saturday, October 12, 2019

Animal Crackers - Out of the oven and into the freezer!

Howdy -

Ok so one afternoon we are in a hay field loading bales in 95 degree heat... then the next we are bundled up and it is barely 52 degrees! Wind is gusting and well... it is cold! Wait..... in a day or two we will be back into the 80's! Gotta Love Texas!

Black Jack was very vocal about the wind!! 

I know old man it is crazy how cold the wind is! 

Love this old man... he is really getting grey -  

That black silky nose, is more salt and pepper colored. He is such a sweetie.. and waiting, praying and hoping that we see some little babies that look just a gorgeous as he is in a few months.

Then I went to see Alvin. My sweet friendly, always runs to see me man goat... oh wait... this is all I got...

LOL oh he did stand up ... checked for food ... nope... got a little noise a grin and then he laid back down and settled into his warm hut. Don't blame him.

 Bitsy was out and hunkered down out of the wind.

 Bitsy has been a bit under the weather lately, a little broody. She was out to get some fresh air, but I think soon after I snapped the photo she headed back into the coop.

Macie came out to see me.

Such a sweet girl. Now I know you are looking at that wide belly... sorry she is not pregnant, just big boned and carrying a lot of water weight. :0) We have so much in common Miss Macie you are perfect just the way you are! Love you.

Pepita then came out of their hut... and finally I am seeing some widening on her belly!! She hasn't shown any signs of being pregnant... but hopefully things are starting to show for us!

This will be her first baby... Praying things are good, goes smoothly, and we get a baby with a bit of her and Daddy Raffie!

Before we sign off today... Fancy Pants wanted to say Hi!

She is one of the queen's of photo bombing! Funny girl! I am sure you grinned at this photo!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

YES Fancy Pants made me smile. We also had a severe weather change. 90 one Monday and 40's the next Monday. We got a freeze last night. DH turned on the furnace. This is too early.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

You tell Fancy Pants I really needed that right now and I am smiling on a day I didn't think I would. Thank you to both you and Fancy Pants, and all the critters that bring out smiles! For what it is worth, the weather is just as crazy here in north Georgia. We had record highs just last week just under 100°, like 20° higher than usual, and last night it dropped to 40° with a high of 70.... now I'm not complaining about 70 but I just wish the change wouldn't be so extreme. I fear this is one of those years that Fall is only going to last a few days and it will be full on winter!

okienurse said...

Just got home from a 2 plus cruise to the Panama Canal and was surprised at the weather here in OK...haven't have wifi so didn't know it was going to be so cold! I left last week of September with 90 deg temps and got home to 50;s...not nice. Hope the fur coats have grown in and everyone is adjusting!

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