Saturday, February 22, 2020

Animal Crackers - Beautiful

Howdy -

One day this week Hubby and I took a stroll out to check on our Lady Donkeys. Check on belly's and see if there are any signs of milk bags and coming births.

Lacey was looking a bit lopsided.. baby laying to one side? LOL

She changes daily... wide, not wide one side to the other. So hope we have a bouncing baby there! All her previous babies are active wild children! Darlene was trying to get into the photo... moving in for front and center. She really wishes we would let her get pregnant... but approaching 30... time for her to retire. But she loves babies! And Vickie... she was in the background ... also should be very pregnant. And tired of us checking on her belly too.

Jolene is pretty wide too... But her little legs are so short she shows bigger.. right?

Ok, she is pretty wide.. It is so hard to be patient and wait to see about babies. I wanted to get a photo of Bella for you. Hubby says she is first up.. and is really the only one showing signs.... Oh I am getting so excited!

Juliet decided that was enough looking at wide bellies... it was time for us to give her total attention NOW!

Yes Miss Juliet... you deserve total attention. She watches over all her BFF's so well. She so loved!

Finally I had my camera out at the right time and got a good shot of Penelope showing off her colors!

Man this girl is shy about showing off her colorful side! She is such a beautiful little girl.

And then we had some other babies! Well Hubby found them. He was weed eating the back yard and came across a little mound of fur and grass... and look what was inside!

Baby Bunnies! they look to be a little over 3 weeks old and just about to head out on their own. But after watching the mound the last couple of days it does appear that Mom is coming in secret and still taking care of them. It was nice and warm first part of the week... then middle of the week a cold front moved through. Their Mom made sure that they were covered over really well and prepared for the weather.

They are really cute aren't they?

This little one said hello, then turned around and wiggled back down in the hole with all the brothers and sisters. We counted at least 6 of them! Hope they make it out of the yard and into the wild safely! And they do that without Moxie seeing them. Love our outside doggie to pieces... her only flaw is that she loves to chase and catch bunnies! Not these bunnies Moxie!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend... Hug a furry friend!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Juliet has the most beautiful eyes. And Penelope has AMAZING color. I am anxiously waiting babies too