Saturday, February 1, 2020

Animal Crackers - I see you ...

Howdy -

I can see you... Its a big deal to look over the fence panels...

Now they can see right through them... but over is really special. And when a cute face with those big blue eyes looking over like Junior... it is special to see from our side too :0)

Of course the other boys then were chatting about who gets to stand on the bucket next.. But Junior kept his spot...

I love this photo of Abigail and Penelope.

Penelope is always right behind Mom... she stays real close to her. She is not going to be a happy girl when Abigail goes in to be bred in the Spring... guess we will deal with the screaming out then.

Most all of the other girls were napping in the sun. Jackie had the prime spot of on the concrete steps. It had been a chilly morning and that afternoon sun was just too nice.

Vera had one of the large pads as a nap time place.

Still freaks me out how limber their necks are when they are sleeping. But she seems very comfortable doesn't she.

Speaking of comfortable. Miss Libbie.

I love this blanket. Hubby bought it for Libbie when we put the down payment on her 11 years ago! She was an adorable puppy on her heart blankie... and then every litter of puppies she had slept on this blankie... now she drags it from the dining room to the kitchen for her to sleep on. She loves her blanket. Good thing it is washable and always pops out of the dryer fluffy and nice.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and have a furry friend to curl up with for awhile. :0)
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

We finally had some sunshine after a LONG period of cloudy days, Ahhhh. Libby is so cute with her favorite blanket. Any goats or donkeys expecting soon, looking forward to some babies :)