Saturday, April 25, 2020

Animal Crackers - BABY JOSIE!

Howdy -

Jolene had her baby! Saturday evening Jolene calmly laid down and gave birth. No pacing, No stress! You pray for births like this! And we were blessed with a super tiny solid black girl! I am sure Daddy Black Jack was so proud when he saw his second daughter of the year!

I love that I caught this photo just after Josie was born of Hanna coming to see what had just happened!! "Did you see what just happened "Dad"??"

Jolene only allowed Bella and Hanna a few seconds to see her new baby girl. then she got very protective and ran them off so she could bond and clean up her baby girl.

Next morning we got out traditional day one photo!! "Dad" with baby Josie and Mom Jolene standing so proud!

And I love that I got Black Jack again in the background! He has done so well this year!!! Two beautiful little girls!!!

 I have to tell you this little girls is SUPER friendly and SUPER tiny!!! We thought Hanna looked little... then here is Josie and wow...!

She is going to be trouble for her Momma Jolene... she is a mover and looks like she is going to be a talker too... when she sees you coming she grunts. She is SO wanting to play with her 1/2 sister Hanna... The first few days Jolene said NO! but Josie kept trying to get to Hanna... Hanna learned quick to run off as Jolene was not happy about it. I could hear Miss Hanna saying "Hey its her not me!!"  But that things are calming down Jolene is allowing some sniffing and getting to know each other.

Now Sunday was a calm day for them... Josie just didn't have the strength or was a bit tired... but by middle of the week... this girl was happy and showing off!!

Hope this video works for you!

Have a blessed weekend
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TA Carbone said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful

Carol Dee said...

Baby Josie is ADORABLE , I am grinning so big. TFS the cute bouncing baby video <3 Congrats to all.

PaperSunshine said...

Oh my gosh look at her! She was "feeling her oats"! Why a cutie, congratulations! So glad it went so well :)

Soaring Eagle said...

Josie is absolutely adorable. . She is such a little punkin, I just love her.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Awwww - what a cutie ♥. Congratulations!

Lena said...

So super cute! Glad all went easy with momma and baby. Congrats and thanks so much for the video. It was such a treat - us city folk miss out on all this cuteness. Thanks for sharing!
Stay well and healthy.

Carin said...

Oh, Josie is so beautiful. Congratulations for you and 'dad'.
I love the hair Josie have above her eyes.

Karen Page said...

Love this so much!!! Thank you for sharing this adorable video! Congrats on the 2nd little girl 😁💗