Saturday, April 11, 2020

Animal Crackers - Take time to smell the roses


Tough times require us to take time to smell the roses!

And my Hubby grows some really gorgeous roses doesn't he? The yellow roses in the background haven't quite opened up but those red roses really are stunning! Beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful....

Adore Miss Hanna... little sweetie has learned about hot weather this week but more importantly she learned about thunderstorms, lightening and RAIN! She wasn't to thrilled with that. And even a bit skittish the next morning.. for about 2 seconds then she was happy to have some head scratches and hugs!  Happy to be there Hanna :0)

Now the weather has been warm this week... until yesterday it really cooled off after those storms and front. And that breezy weather makes it very difficult to reach those blowing branches leaves.

Didn't stop Alvin from trying though - Love this silly boy!

And I now this photo is a blurry - but just had to laugh at Alvin Jr's brother Chipmunk... running towards me with swinging his head back and forth.. just look how fabulous that beard blows in the wind! A romance novel cover man for sure!

Handsome man!

And check out this pretty girl ... Louise was enjoying that morning breeze by occupying the best deck in the pen! Rare for this younger girl to get that spot!

OK so all the old ladies were eating breakfast... but still she gets credit for having the spot!

Snapped a nice photo of Mallory watching the boys bang heads... Can't you hear what she is thinking?

Sigh... BOYS... LOL

It amazes me how fast the chicks are changing.

Hubby said the other day they were getting into their "UGLY" Stage... I told him to just be quite, he would hurt their feelings.... it is just an awkward teenager period - then I tried to reassure them all that they were beautiful no matter what! LOL

 Hope you have a wonderful blessed Easter weekend SAFE and HEALTHY!
HUGS and


Peggy S from OH said...

Happy Easter! Thanks for the smiles! Stay safe!

Lena said...

Happy Easter Michelle, to you and yours. We're supposed to have more storms later on today and tomorrow, here in Houston. Not sure if they come from your direction, but if so, Miss Hanna needs more hugs :-) Stay safe and well.

Soaring Eagle said...

Happy Easter to both of you. Absolutely love the beautiful roses, and what a little sweetheart is Hanna. Of course I love all the animals.
Take care and stay safe and healthy.

Carol Dee said...

Happy Easter to All