Saturday, April 18, 2020

Animal Crackers - no social distancing with the girls...

Howdy -

LOVE this photo of Darlene... I was out talking to the girls but they were all too busy enjoying the fresh hay they had gotten for breakfast... But just as I was about to give up getting any good photographs... Darlene popped her head up, resting it on Irene's back and looked like she was just saying hi... well before she went back to eating. :0)

Sweet Juliet came to get attention, always can count on her for some loving...

She is so wonderful... big loving girl.

Now the surprise... Pavo.

You see Pavo is calm and cautious. In all our years with him, he has always been stand-offish and I have never gotten to totally love on him... just nose touches basically. But yesterday... he came right to me, put his head through the fence, and I loved all over him. Ears, Face, Neck and back. Even gave him a little kiss on the top of his nose! When I went to walk away... he trotted along the fence asking for more! Hubby didn't really believe me... But I am hoping that this is a start of a all new Pavo!!

When walking away from the girls pen I found a few enjoying some fresh cool water.

Wonder if there was any gossip going on around the "cooler" with these girls? LOL

Love this photo of Olive Oyl ... just enjoying the weather laid back and relaxing...

Such a pretty girl ...

Hubby snapped this one of Peso after feeding breakfast... You think he was happy about his hay?

Breakfast in bed? Or Breakfast as bed? That grin cracks me up!

Our main conversation this week has been Libbie...

For a few years we have been fighting skin allergies, itchy skin, dry skin and loosing her hair to the point where she looked like a little bald lady in most spots, the rest was thin. Foods... Meds... Vitamins... shampoos... nothing was working at all. Then a couple of months ago we found Hills Science Diet Small Bites Sensitive Stomach and Skin ... WOW!!! Look at her fur now! She is so thick and gorgeous again!!! Blind but I think she knows she looks gorgeous again! Love my little super model!

Hope you are all safe, healthy and doing well. And hope you all enjoy a little peek into our lives here!

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Always fun to see all the fur kids. Libby is looking good. Happy you found a food to help her.