Saturday, May 16, 2020

Animal Crackers - Hot Humid and ready for some rain to come!

Howdy -

Yesterday afternoon I was out taking photos for today... oh my it was hot, humid and still.... storms were predicted for the night. It makes everyone hide and take it easy.

I did get Olive Oyl to come to the fence and see me. She wasn't to happy when she found I had nothing good to eat for her. Not that she was hungry... but who turns down a treat? She is a pretty little thing.

Gracie came out just to let me know she is not only pretty but a super model.

I have said it before.. I really think she likes to pose and have her photo taken. Always has. She is gorgeous though... :0) So it makes sense she likes to have her photo taken.

Autie has been under the weather again. But we think maybe we have some good meds for him now and he seems to be taking to them well and doing better again.

Of course when he isn't well and up all night... so are we. But we do whatever it takes to make him feel better. He said it was too hot and humid outside too and went down the steps did his business and laid down waiting for me to head back in. When I started through the gate into the yard he was up and back at the door. Like his "Momma" he prefers air conditioning!

Oh Gato... She claims places to be hers in the house I would rather she not. The laundry, my chair... and others. But the last few days she has decided that our shipping supplies seemed to be a good place to take a cat nap.

But she didn't like them all stacked sorted and organized. She decided that if she knocks all the stacks over and wad up the packing paper it would be more comfortable. Bad Kitty! Maybe that is why I couldn't get a photo with out her eyes glowing back at me. No worries I just scold her, and she never gets in any real trouble... knocking over boxes isn't really too bad I guess.

Have to say a big Thank you to Kristen for snapping this photo for us! It is a rare sighting for a cuddling Cocoa. She is what we would call "Moody"

 You take advantage of any time Cocoa when she is like this... She does love her "Daddy" but picks and chooses when to show it.

This is not a great photo by any means... Hubby loves these Lizards and calls me out to see them whenever he finds them. But they are hard to photo! They move FASTER than Light!

 Blurry a bit but I did get a snap of it to share with Hubby... the lizard is better than the photo he sent me this week... ALWAYS LOOK IN THE HAY BARD BEFORE YOU ENTER!!

This friends is a Diamond Back Rattlesnake. Not a nice snake. I know there are no nice snakes... but in reality there are some that have a job of eating or taking out badder things. But his one... nope we don't like them. And this is the first bad guy of the year... a good warning for everyone around here to watch where you are walking all the time!!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and find no snakes in your barn!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Great pics, except for the diamond back.... YIKES. I do not mind helpful snakes. very wary of the poisonous ones. Careful out there.

Ginger Shaw said...

Lovely pictures of your babies.
I hope Autie keeps on getting better. So worrying when animals get sick.
My little dog Pepa who is 15 1/2 has always slept on my bed but refuses to now. Because she is on medication and has to be watched I have slept on the couch in the living room for three weeks now.
Isn’t as comfortable as my bed but who cares
Had a visitor in my garden a few weeks ago. A 6 foot python. Had to get the snake catcher out. It was beautiful to touch but I’m very glad it left.
Love seeing all your babies