Saturday, May 2, 2020

Animal Crackers - Sigh tough photoshoots...


Sigh.... Photoshoots with animals is tough - but young animals are really tough! LOL

All I wanted was a photo of Hubby with the two girls... one under each arm, FACING ME... It was so frustrating..and funny. Love the wagging tails!

The point was to show the size difference between these two girls. There is one month difference... but seriously Josie is a TINY little girl!

I will keep trying for my perfect photograph, but oh well... we had a good time and laughed the entire time.

Both Josie and Hanna have fabulous personalities - but very different. Hanna is forceful, and loves attention. She is going through a bit of a nibbler stage. We are working on that... Josie is very very pushy and loves to play and chase. Take two steps from her and her ears go back, she hops and trots to chase you. Even if you are not far enough to really "chase"... Oh my we are totally in love with these two girls!!!

Oh one more face about Hanna.... she has found her Hee Haw!!

This is the view of the Momma pen from our back porch... and when Hanna sees anyone come out the back door... she runs to the gate and calls out for you to come and visit... It melts your heart to hear that little high pitch hee haw! It is just toooooo cute for words!!

A few photos Hubby sent me this week for the property.

This is a cactus out behind the barn. This photo looks like a painting doesn't it?

We call this the Consuela Cactus... our very first Donkey that we "purchased" as part of the property way back long ago. We lost her a few years later... we buried her out behind the barn next to a small cactus ... like two feet wide... nothing large at all. But it had one yellow flower on it and it felt like a nice place for Consuela. All these years later this is the cactus. It is so beautiful! And full of blooms!

Hubby even got a close up one of the butterflies enjoying the flowers -

 Then I got one other photo from Hubby - His garden is amazing this year!

 Good weather... and the fact that the stay at home orders has given him LOTS of time to work in it! Now I do think we are going to have to come up with some plans for all the veggies that will come from this garden... Tomatoes, Squash and Potatoes are going to be coming out our ears! Then we will also have peppers, green beans, egg plants, sweet potatoes, melons ... and more!

I hope you are having a blessed weekend and you and your family are all safe!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Love that cactus. So pretty. The garden looks good too. You are so far ahead of Iowa , We are just planting now. Soil has not been warm enough for most things and our last frost date is Mid May! Those two little girls are adorable, what fun to have babies around. Stay Well, Be Safe, hugs to all.

okienurse said...

What sweet babies! I have been sending my granddaughter Hannah pictures of your Hanna and now she wants a donkey farm! Chuck has been working in the garden beds here too and the last frost seems to have been and gone. I have never seen it freeze mid April before! Awesome post this week! Vickie