Saturday, May 8, 2021

Animal Crackers - It's All or Nothing!

Howdy - 

All or nothing! So last week I mentioned that some storms were due. We got rain! It is all or nothing around here. So over the weekend we ended up 7.25 inches of rain. It was such a blessing! Ok I could have done without the hail in the last storm, it was scary how much hail we ended up with but thankfully we had no real damage. And now a few days after we can already see how green things are getting. Green equals food for the kids! I went out with Hubby earlier in the week during breakfast to visit with the girls. I snapped photos while "we" were waiting for the meal to arrive to them. 

Patti was giving me that look... "really Mom photos again? Its breakfast time."

She has such expressive eyes! It was funny... I asked her if she could please pose for a pretty picture... I looked away to say something to Hubby and then looked back to this....

They do love that head rest pose. Beautiful Patti! And her daughter Irene was just that perfect height for that pretty pose. 

I then heard a little snorting sound going on... seems Josie was especially hungry this morning and was getting impatient! 

She is such a Momma's girl and is right there with Mom Josie. 

And then Hubby threw in the hay... and I lost my pretty photos... This is all I got then. 

Ok, cute even when they have their backs turned to me .. You can see how much bigger Juliet is than the her Mini BFFs - She doesn't know she is a standard vs. them being miniature donkeys. She just thinks she is the big sister to them all, and looks over them. 

Oops.. while Hubby and I were leaning on the fence watching the girls someone snuck up and decided that "Dad" was taking too long to deliver breakfast to them, he was going to eat right off the cart. 

It's ok Ted - its your breakfast just not in the right location... LOL he trotted behind Hubby to the right spot and got to finish up his meal. 

So last week I showed off one of the Vultures that move in a couple times a year to raise their babies.  Well the babies are older than I thought!

We came out to run errands the other morning and found one of the babies out stretching and feeling those wings in the breeze. Close to learning to take off and fly I think.  It was funny to watch the little fuzzy baby stretch and pretend to fly - Of course I was zooming to watch as didn't need to personally be too close, no reason to upset Mom and get too close! LOL 

Hope you enjoyed and maybe get out stretch your wings this weekend! At least get out and enjoy a fuzzy friend .. or feathered. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

7.25 in a weekend is a lot of rain. Hope it all soaked in and will make the grass and garden grow. Happy Mother's Day weekend (Yes fur babies count.)