Saturday, May 29, 2021

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy - 

Man I love this girl! She is such a sweet heart. Moxie Girl! 

She is so funny... I say give me smile Moxie so I can take your photo! And she does.... ok, most of the time she does. It is a very pretty smile when I get it... but when I was taking these photos this was my first smile from Moxie....

Silly girl. I got a couple of photos then I told her she was silly, and bam she took off a million miles an hour running around in circles. Silly Silly Silly... 

This photo was early the other morning... Hubby and were leaving to run errands and get a bite to eat. Teddy decided he wanted to stop us and see if maybe he should be going with us.

Or at least to ask us to bring back something for him. HA! 

Out at the barn with Hubby the other day and Pavo came to the fence to say hi. He has become so friendly. And as long as there isn't a bunch of girls pushing and scrambling to get to the front he will move to the front of line and loves the attention. 

Then Macie came up for attention, she is calm and slow so he was good with her coming to see us. 

And she is beautiful too.. 

We won't not mention the chubby belly sticking out there ok? She is just a big beautiful woman! 

On the way back to the house Sergio was calling out and trotting to see his Momma... (ME)

He has gotten trim the last few weeks. He spends lots of his day trotting up and down the fence to get the attention of the ladies. He is ready for his summer body for sure! 

Found one of our cactus blooming - so pretty. 

Yes those are weeds growing around too.. we have lots of those right now. All the rain has everything growing double time. Good for grazing, bad for Hubby trying to get the non animal areas of the property under control. He spent and entire day mowing and running the weed eater one day last week... a week later and it doesn't even look like he did a thing. I told him to enjoy the green and don't complain. LOL Easy for me to say - I don't help with the lawn work... sorry babe. It is lush and pretty. Just getting a little tall - 

Hope you all have a smile this week and enjoyed. 

Have a blessed weekend -

HUGS and 

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Ginger Shaw said...

Can’t choose which one of your babies is the prettiest. They are all so gorgeous.
But I guess this week it has to be Moxie.
What a beautiful smile. She is a stunner.