Saturday, May 1, 2021

Animal Crackers - Zooming

Howdy - 

Yesterday I went out early in the morning to see about snapping photos before some storms were due to arrive. Seems like most everyone was way off and not prepared for photo ops. The only "cute" photos were way off in the opposite ends of the pens. Sigh... zooming and a bit grainy images but they are still cute kids! 

This was the big news this week... Lacey, Pepita and Vicki moved into Raffie's pen. It was too far off to hear the discussion, but I think Raffie was explaining the rules of his bachelors pad. Or maybe the ladies telling Raffie that they out number him and now they are in control? I am thinking that is closer to the subject. LOL Lets hope we do better with babies this time... For some reason he isn't getting his job done with Pepita and Vicki... common dude!! 

I turned around and found Alvin enjoying his breakfast... LOL 

You would think he is protecting his share here, but nope just enjoying the soft new meal as a bed as well. They like breakfast as a bed! 

Ok, not so cute here but thought I would show him off for Hubby. They are back! 

Now these seasonal visitors are "Hubby's Guest" Forever this pair of Vultures have been landing on an old structure here, and move in the attic. They have their babies raise them til they are ready to fly off and then they move on... then they arrive back again. Guess they have a purpose in the world and need a place to raise their family just like everyone else. 

Found Jackie across the goat pen up on one of the huts. For HOURS... this is how you protect yourself when in season and don't want the other ladies chasing and head butting you. Get up where they can't reach you and stay calm. It will pass as soon as the attention moves on to something else. With breakfast put out there I am sure she will come down soon as food is always above all else. 

As I was coming back into the backyard the "3 Stooges" were there enjoying the morning. Looks like Valentine was still a bit sleepy and not to happy about the fact that they were up so early. I agree! 

Head must have felt very heavy.. Cocoa's hind end is just the perfect height! It is nice to lean on a loved one from time to time. 

Just as I was going in a saw this sweet rose. There are so many right now but I love the new buds. Hope they survive the storms this weekend, but the rain will do them so well. 

They are so gorgeous... 

And speaking of gorgeous - Little Miss Chica trying to use those big brown eyes on me. She thinks I don't know that Dad has already fed them, and just maybe I will give her second serving. 

Sorry sweetheart... you don't need more. Want maybe, Need nope! But absolutely Beautiful!! 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Make sure to hug a furry friend! 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Happy Weekend. Hope that the rains come without damage, just nourishment. I agree with Valentine. Too early ;)

Ginger Shaw said...

Love all your photos especially Valentine resting on Coco.
The birds are amazing. How lucky that they come back every year.
Hope the weather holds for you.
We are in Autumn here in Australia. The days are lovely but the nights are getting a bit chilly.