Saturday, June 12, 2021

Animal Crackers - FEED ME!!!


Normally Vera is a timid calm sweet girl... but she has one of those mood swings that flip when she is hungry. LOL 

Ok... they scream anytime Hubby walks out to the barn, just in case it is time to feed. But honestly I understand that scream. Missed breakfast and I am feeling a bit like Vera right now! 

Lizzy was just chillin' - Not going to use any energy unless it is a fact that "Dad" is bringing back a meal for them. But just in case she is right in the middle of their feed area so she doesn't miss anything. 

Mallory was playing it cool as well... actually I think she was in hiding. 

She had claimed one of the "best" huts and didn't want to give it up unless food was a for sure thing. So she just hung back and blended in to watch the action and guard the best spot she had claimed. 

Now Hubby asked me to head out to feed the other morning just to see Miss Hanna. OH MY!!

In the last few days she has slicked off and is gorgeous! Ok she has always always been gorgeous. But really her baby fur is all gone... almost, just a little bit of belly fur still. And her adult coloring is so pretty! She is much darker than her Momma. Such a looker! 

Speaking of looker... Gorgeous Miss Ellie Mae! 

So sad we never were able to get any babies from Miss Ellie Mae - She is so stunning. Those big beautiful eyes and long sleek ears.... trust me,  that's a pretty thing for a lady donkey. Despite never getting babies she has been a huge heart in our donkey family. Love her! 

Back to slicking off.. well Josie is a few weeks younger than Hanna and well she has started to slick off but running a bit behind her, it is happening though and she I think is also going be a looker! 

That solid black silky coloring - gorgeous.. or will be soon! But you just gotta love that face! Sweet Sweet Girl! Pushy... but sweet! 

Ok ending up with one of my favorite views... pulling in the gate in the distance... Moxie. Laying in the shade waiting. 

Warms my heart so much to see that happy little face and those perky ears! She stays perfectly still ... "Dad" gets out of the car to open the gate... staying still... move the car in... out of the car to close the gate... staying still... back in the car and start to roll... she pops up stretches and yawns and then starts bopping all around and running up to the house. Once we pull up and open the doors she makes sure to run to both sides of the car... get loves from Dad and then to me for her to get her loving from me too... Happy Dog.. makes us happy! See Warms the heart! 

Hope you got lots of smiles this week. They all have so much love to give and get from us.. and to share with you as well! 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and -

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