Saturday, August 7, 2021

Animal Crackers - Hello help Mom


While going to check on the kids yesterday I was approached by my boy Sergio... "Uh Hello Mom,  Can you help me please?"

Of course Sergio!! Poor boy had a small piece of cactus stuck on him. Not sure where he got it from, as I don't see any in his pen, but maybe he had his head sticking way far out from his pen trying to reach the girls. Yep that is my bet! LOL He is all good now. 

Then not too far from Sergio I found Chipmunk "smiling" for me. Me? Or the lady goats? Any bets on that one? Yep the ladies for sure!

That is his "I'm Sexy" smile... I don't know about that but I do think he is one handsome young man goat! 

Mallory?? Uh I don't think she is interested at all -  "Uh no not in the least!" 

This alfalfa that Dad gave me is much much more interesting and quite tasty! But then Vera thought it was pretty comfortable - 

That is a real goat thing - I know I show lots of photos of them lounging in their hay. It is their way of having "breakfast as a bed" Shame we can't all get away with that... Ha! ok maybe not. 

Chickens were really very very very busy. Now they dig in and scratch their breakfast! 

Very Very Busy.... cluck cluck cluck. They are so fun to watch! 

I then had a chat with Old Mama Cat - 

OH my she is really getting old. I was trying to add it up and I can't tie it down exactly. But over 10 I think. And for an outside kitty... she is getting up there. She has gotten very sweet and we will love her! Well as much as she will let us love her. I personally only have chats and meaningful talks with her. Hubby gets much closer and has "contact" with her. LOL Feral Cats are very cautious and that is pretty good for her! 

I hope you have a smile this week again - My fur children all have such warm personalities - some sweet, some funny, some pushy, all loved! 

Have a blessed weekend!  


Carol Dee said...

Good Morning, I remember Mamma Cat when you couldn't even get close enough for a good photo! She is doing well. Wise cat to know she is living the good life now. :)
It has been very nice out weather wise, but could use some rain. Fingers crossed as it is in tonight's forecast. But getting Hot and Humid again. ugh.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ginger Shaw said...

Love all your photos of the children. They are all gorgeous in their own ways.
We adopted a wild cat in England and had her for over 12 Years.
Hope the weather is good for you.
Still quite cold here in Kangaroo Land.