Saturday, March 11, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunny Smiles!

Howdy - 

How can you not love that face? I know Gracie smiles just for my camera! Seriously that is a smile right?


I adore this girl. She is so beautiful and just so much happy personality! Happy girl for sure! And loves to have her photograph taken. 
Now not happy... Miss Hannah was not happy that her photo last week, she was not the center of attention and you could not see her face and how beautiful she is. Yes Hannah ... Gorgeous! 
 She is such a sweetheart - fabulous, funny and beautiful in all ways! Love her.

Found Patti enjoying the afternoon and taking a bit of a break.
She is not a young girl anymore - so she deserves a break anytime she wants one! Oh.. and not long after the snap she had a bit of a dirt roll to feel even better! 
And naps... no one takes a better afternoon nap than a cat! 

 Porsche was so adorable with her paw over her face. They do love their window beds! The perfect place for an afternoon cat nap! 

Hubby and I went around the backside of the men's pen to check on the pasture and the bluebonnets.

They are starting to fill in!  The real sign of Spring here in Texas! Our state flower is so pretty and is popping up everywhere! Hubby gets so excited when they start blooming in our fields. And then shortly after that the Indian paintbrushes fill in with their bright red. So pretty. 

Close up.. so pretty.
Do you have spring flowers popping up in your area? I love this time of year... makes driving to even the most boring place have color and a smile! All the flowers along the roads and highways! 
Hope you have a smile this week. And enjoyed our furry family. 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Spring flowers are just starting to break ground and then we got more snow. Your blue bonnets are lovely. And yes, Gracie has a wonderful grin.

Ginger Shaw said...

What a wonderful smile Gracie has and what lovely clean teeth.
Miss Hannah seems to be giving you a smile as well.
We are into our Autumn so we have leaves falling from the trees everywhere.
They have such pretty colours as they start to shade.
Not many flowers around at the moment only a few of my late roses.
Take care.