Saturday, April 3, 2010

Animal Crackers... a beautiful week!

Happy Saturday! Happy Animal Crackers Day!  and Happy Easter!  I hope the weather has been wonderful where you are. Here.. it has been just gorgeous this week. We were suppose to have rain yesterday, but the clouds rolled in and it looked like it would let loose, but a little bit of drizzle was all we saw. How about some fuzzy people photos?

See how pretty it is??? So bright sunny and GREEN!! Wow after last years drought the green is really a glorious sight. And the Donkeys are loving it. You can see my neighbors horses in the background enjoying it as well. Now.. in case you want to know which donkeys this is - left to right.. Frio, Darlene, Bella behind her Jolene, Pepita, Alonso behind him, Jazz and then Macie.  If you look close you can see that Darlene isn't eating... her ears are hanging to the side, she was taking a little nap :0)
Here is pen two... Vicki, Ellie Mae and then outside the pen Cocoa, one of the standards. Oh and you can see some bluebonnets popping up. The flowers are really gorgeous this year! I went to the post office Wednesday.. and look at this field of flowers across the street!

Now I love bluebonnets, they are really pretty... but this field is mainly what we call Indian Paintbrush ( remember we have a goat named that too ) I LOVE these flowers... They really pop on the side of the road! Love that coral red color! Remember this is on the way to the post office...  I snapped this photo going down the road about 40mph ... so it isn't the best photo :0)

How adorable is this? This time of the month.. when it is a full moon, nap time in the afternoons is a really important part of the day. About 3-4pm everyone is laying down for some much needed rest. Usually when you go out, they will pop up and come and see you. Little Mirta was just too tired to get up. OH my she is just beautiful! And so tiny! Cute!

The goats were down as well... but they were more about being lazy and enjoying the shade of their little house. Look at how cute Andy looks... little stinker! He has escaped twice this week! And he isn't a rocket scientist about knowing how to come back into the gate when you are getting him back. He tried to jump on the fencing, instead of walking through the open gate just 3 feet further down.. sigh shaking head here...  But he is a handsome guy, he is the darker red and black kid. His brother Andy has escaped once with him, but didn't like the freedom. And his sister Cathy shown in front here... she likes staying with mom.

It is so stressful trying to take photos of Libbie and Autie - Libbie loves to pose for photos, but since we have gotten Autie... posing turns more into a wrestling match and playing time. This is Round One...

Round Two... ding ding - - I love the look on their faces!

Autie yelped before round three... now he wasn't hurt, so no worries. He yelps when he thinks he might get hurt... LOL And Libbie always kisses and makes up - they really do love each other and play so well together.

But taking their photos has really stressed me. I want some cute photos- pretty photos - nice close ups to show you how good looking they are!!! Well think I am smarter than they are... I have to figure out how to snap a photo of them being calm and laying pretty!!!

And then it came to me... they wait by the back door for us when we are outside. And as soon as we enter the house... off they go like the hyper little children they are, 110mph non stop. So I decided to take my boots off, and tip toe up on the porch and "sneak up" on them and see just what they are doing when they are so quiet inside by themselves.  

Take a look at how cute they are!! Now it isn't a great photo... I snapped this through the back door window... but seriously this is the photo I have been wanting "in real life" Look at those stares at the back door.. I love it!  Funny thing.. just after I snapped this photo they heard me on the porch and jumped up, started barking and running in circles.

Well have to run this morning... a few errands this morning. Then this afternoon I think I am going to help our neighbor. She is going to take some puppies her adopted stray dog had 6  weeks ago and set up a puppy stand at our plant nursery and see if we can find some loving homes for them. They are a mixed mut breed, but oh my they are really adorable. If these two little lug nuts weren't already driving me crazy... I would fall for another puppy in a heart beat... then I hear the running down the hall - the barking - and trip over the rug they have turned upside down :0)

Have a wonderful weekend! And a glorious Easter Sunday.
HUGS and-


ScrappinCntryGrl said...

love all the animals....glad you had a great week!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Happy Easter Michelle, hope you have a great weekend. Love this week's photos & I'm glad you're getting some warm sunshine. The red flowers are gorgeous & it's great to see the donkeys out on the grass.

Annie said...

fabulous pics Michelle and those flowers make it look like summer! oh for some warmth over here.
Happy Easter,
hugs, annie x

Marie said...

Such a wonderful life you have with all your loving pets and animals. Love everywhere!

Yvonne said...

What a great photos Michelle. It looks so gorgeous all the animals outside, enjoying the fresh grass. Auttie is getting big! Like the way you snaped them :-) Happy Easter. Hugs, Yvonne

TA Carbone said...

Happy Easter Michelle. Fantastic ppictures, didn't realize your neighbors were so close to you. Your dogs are just like children, when mom cant see us we will be good (sometimes) when she sees us we will make a lot of noise.


Rufus said...

Very sneaky of you to creep up on them like that! Don't they look angelic? Mirta is such a cutie! Indian Paint Brush I've got, but not the Bluebonnets. So pretty!
Thanks for all the great pics. Do love my Animal Crackers!
Happy Easter,

Redlady said...

Happy Easter Michelle.
I wait impatiently ever week to see Animal Crackers and each time you have more delightful pictures.

NanaBeth said...

Hope you and all your adorable creatures had a very Happy Easter.

Cynde said...

Michelle I hope you had a glorious Easter! I love all the pics again. They are so darn cute. Little Mirta is sooooo Cute! Looks like Autie is growing some legs. They are so cute playing. Cracks me up how you captured them all quiet on the rug. Just too darn cute, All of them!

Diamond Doll said...

Fab pics once again Michelle,the wether looks lovely where you are.
Thanx for sharing
Trish (-:

Mo Manning said...

Michelle, these made me chortle! So adorable!