Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soggy Animal Crackers :0)

Hello from a very WET, very STORMY Animal Crackers Saturday :0)  Sorry I am so late today, man it has been coming down in buckets here! And when that happens here in the country... no satellite and that means no internet. We are between two storms, so I have about 20 minutes to get my post on and check my email :0) So here are some photos I got this week for you -
First I wanted to show you what I did to one of the photos from last week. I loved this photos last week... my two babies... I have been playing with photoshop... did some edge burning and vintage coloring. This is now framed and on my desk :0)

Darlene says HI... we had guest here this week, and to her that means carrots... oops forgot to get the carrots, she wasn't thrilled with us, but the head rubs were a close second to the carrots. Ok, not too close as she would have much more preferred the carrots... LOL

Here is her baby boy Frio... seems like just last week he was born. Hubby and I both were stunned when we counted up and found that he is just a few weeks from weaning!!! We probably will leave him a bit longer and move him with Pepita - we like to move them in pairs, that way they have at least one friend in the youth pen when they get torn from their Mommas - - I think we already have a buyer for Frio so he won't be in the youth pen for long -

Hubby's sister and her family are visiting from out of state. First time for us to meet his nieces new husband and their adorable new baby boy - They came to visit the donkeys yesterday. Was a fun visit until the rain came again. And that baby is just too cute for words. Huge blue eyes and lots of sweet curls :0) Oh and we like her new husband too ... LOL

My baby is grown up to fast... he is now just a tiny bit taller than Libbie - hope he stops growing soon!!  Look at that fur...LOL the wind was really blowing the other day when I took this photos... too funny!

and our little Libbie... always so serious. Especially since we have put the goats out back, she has put herself into the job of watching them very closely when she is outside - I don't know what she thinks they are going to do, but if they do it she will be ready!!

Have a wonderful weekend - - I hear thunder so I better get this posted :0)

HUGS and-


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the pictures! Frio is getting a 'big' boy. Libbie is realy in 'attack' state!! Look at her ears. Nice weekend and good luck with the stormy weather. Hugs, Yvonne

Cards By MI said...

Such darlings they are all your animals. Libbie is too cute for words. I'm that it isn't me hearing the thunder...
Take care! xMarie

Danni said...

I totally {heart} that first photo! Awesome!!

Rufus said...

love what you did with last weeks photo! That was one of my favorites.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! you have the rain but we have the sunshine! great photos and I love catching up and seeing all your fabby crafty creations too - it's just been one of those weeks though so I've not been able to stop by so often. enjoy the rest of your day.
hugs, annie x

Anita said...

I enjoy these photos each time. You have such cute animals.