Saturday, April 24, 2010

Animal Crackers - Visiting the Neighbors!!

Today we went and visited our neighbor... now these are all her animals, but we like to claim them as well :0) We love them just as much as she does {insert heart here}  You have in the past Animal Cracker Days seen her gorgeous large horses out past our donkey pens.

This was the cause of all of our excitement yesterday morning. Our neighbor is a resident, and has long hours so we have been helping keep an eye on her animals, loving doing it, as she has sweet horses and dogs :0)  Anyway one of the mares has been EXTREMELY pregnant. Keeping all of us in stress waiting and watching for this baby to arrive. (her last pregnant mare lost the baby so that made this one an extra special delivery)   Well just after 5:30 am we got the call... the baby had arrived and was standing and gorgeous. Some in my Micky Mouse PJ's headed over with Hubby to see the baby with flash lights. Totally gorgeous, and to us... really hysterical! I mean this little filly is so much taller than our adult mini donkeys! And she is all LEGS!!!

See ... told you! She is walking on stilts! And might I say still a bit shaky on them, but really doing much better than I would be!
This is her Dog Sam... he is a totally sweetie - He doesn't really know he is huge, and he takes care of her property, and also from patrols our property... all though he does have to run from our Standards from time to time.
This is Oscar... he is a Corgi... We kid Oscar that when god forgot his legs... he forgot to give him brains as well.... You see his belly rubs the ground he is so short, but he thinks he is as tall as Sam.. and that he can go where Sam can go - but he can't run away from danger, we worry about him... But he is starting to get it that he needs to stick closer to home, and really needs to stay a long way from the donkeys. He was in our back yard one day this week as the neighbor was visiting, we let Libbie out... oops... forgot Oscar was in the back yard. Normally you would panic about Libbie as she only weighs 10lbs. and is so small compared to Oscar... nope Libbie attacked and was planning on taking him down for being in her yard. Scary.. but kind of funny - Libbie also doesn't know how small she is and where she needs to back off.
This is Brindle  - a stray that the neighbor adopted... and we are all so happy she did. Seriously Hubby kids that he is going to steal her all the time. Not that we need to she visits regularly with Sam. She is such a beautiful dog. I believe she is a Blue Healer, and just after taking Brindle in ... she had puppies. NINE OF THEM!! And she was an amazing Mom. Four of the puppies have found new homes... but Five of them are still awaiting new homes.
Common you know you want one!!! They are really adorable. Dad is a toy fox terrier... the second from the right is the one I just adore, she has personality times 10. But they are all adorable and funny to watch.

Well I hope you enjoyed our visit next door this week. Something a bit different to show some of our friends animals we love - back to our own herd next week :0)

HUGS and-


Marie said...

You really live in an amazing place! Filled with animals and love. Adorable "little" baby horse. And funny dogs, they are real personalities aren't they?
have a good day!

Jo said...

Michelle, this is wonderful, I was wanting it to go on and on, can't wait til next week for part two with Libbie and the gang!! Hugs Jo x

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful animals!! What a beautiful baby (I'm all legs!) horse! And those puppies.....can you send one ;-)??
Hugs, Yvonne

Julia said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful babies. Love the filly with those long legs. Very hard not to love yours & theirs, it makes for a wonderful life full of funny, & loving times, contentment comes to mind. Great to have neighbors like that.
Julia B.(Wa.St.)

Heidi said...

I would just love to live there, for one it is wonderful that you and your neighbors have such a wonderful relationship. Then of course, the wonderful animals.......... how awesome. That foal is just beautiful!

Rufus said...

Now I'm really jealous! You've got all of your own lovely critters and now we find out that the neighbor has divine critters too! Isn't it fun to watch the filly as she gets used those long legs? Corgi's don't know that they don't have any, legs that is. While at least at this stage the filly has extra!
Thanks for the field trip!